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Can You Live In Turkey Without Knowing Turkish?

So, you want to live in Turkey but do not know any Turkish and wonder if this dream is doable or a mad idea. Well, the answer will depend on your lifestyle. If you want to enter the workforce and[...]

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Is Turkey A Good Place To Live?

Occasionally, clients ask us if Turkey is a good place to live? We always say yes. The country offers much to anyone contemplating a move here. But of course, as a real estate agent, we will say[...]

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Where Do Most Expats Live In Turkey? Popular Destinations To Move To

When asking where do most expats live in Turkey, time-honoured trends provide the answer. Generally, working expats head to the big cities like Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. For this article, though,[...]

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Which Part of Turkey Has the Best Beaches?

The answer to which part of Turkey has the best beaches will vary depending on who you ask. Let us not forget Turkey has 7200 kilometres of coastline bordering four seas that feature hundreds of[...]

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The Bodrum Peninsula: Area Guide and Information

Tourists love the coastal Bodrum peninsula sitting in Western Turkey. Fronting the Aegean Sea, this cosmopolitan destination has much to boast about. Most travellers recognise whitewashed houses[...]

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Is Turkey Good for Expats? Living Abroad Series

Sometimes retirees contemplating a move overseas ask us if Turkey is good for expats? We wholeheartedly say yes. This expat destination offers many reasons to swap your home country and make a move[...]

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Why Foreigners in Antalya Love the Region

When it comes to Turkish delights, foreigners in Antalya will testify the region is the Mediterranean Queen. As well as being Turkey's second most popular touristic hub, it also ranks second as[...]

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Living in Turkey as a Foreigner: What Expats Need to Know

When selling houses to people from overseas, many ask us about living in Turkey as a foreigner. They want to know everything, some out of curiosity and others because they want to become expats who[...]

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Living in Turkey: Pros and Cons for Foreigners

Foreigners contemplating the pros and cons of living in Turkey often wonder if it is the right move for them. However, take comfort in knowing the country already hosts thousands of expats. Any[...]

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How Much Money do You Need to Retire in Turkey?

When looking at how much money you need to retire in Turkey, there are many factors to consider. For example, if retirees own their property, they do not pay rent, which is costly. Where you retire[...]

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