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Low property prices have attracted a majority of expats living in Turkey, along with healthy interest rates on monthly savings accounts that average 10%. In places like the UK, diligent money savers can only dream of this massive return on investment.

Bodrum is a popular destination for weddings&honeymoons these days. Many couples in particular enjoy a romantic honeymoon on Bodrum, either as a two-week stay or a short trip while touring the rest of Turkey.

The fashion, retail and entertainment scene in Istanbul has been flourishing over the past decade with these lifestyle industries attracting billions of dollars of investment at home and internationally.

So which of the luxury hotels in Bodrum garner the crown as the favourite place to stay for the elite wealthy seeking exceptional hospitality? Here our pick of the best!

We have listed all the information you need to know as well as helpful hints and tips about how to Apply for Turkish Citizenship and more.

Out of all our favourite things to do in Turkey, shopping in Bodrum is near the top of our list. The diversity and choice of the town centre and smaller coastal resorts ensures we will find anything we want.

Golfing in Belek

18 Mar 2017 posted in Lifestyle

Golfing industry has revolutionised the sport in Turkey and placed the districts among the notable list of top golfing destinations in the world. At the back of this, Belek has made a name for itself as the golfing mecca of Turkey, yet part of the lure for non-golfers is that it is also a beach resort.

We know that many potential expats to Turkey often ask themselves these questions when the dread and doubt starts to fill up their mind and our first piece of advice is to stop. Having doubts about anything we do is perfectly normal, but we do not have to pay attention to it.

Whether living temporarily or permanently in Turkey, an enticing lure for many people who have relocated to the country is the cost of living. Here we broke down the general cost of living in Turkey and how expenses and prices differ across the country.

Thousands of expats live in Turkey, either permanently or splitting their time with their countries of origin. Including Asians, Russians, Westerners, Eastern Europeans, and Middle Eastern nationalities. Find out more why here!

Sailing elegantly on a Blue Voyage Cruise from Fethiye to Olympos on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey is something everyone should do at least once in their life. The laid-back vibes and unique transport method ensure a smooth experience becomes a cherished memory for life.

New Year’s Eve in Istanbul has long been proclaimed one of the best parties in the world, and for good reason. However you choose to celebrate, Turkey Homes would like to wish you a very happy New Year; ‘Mutlu Yıllar’!

Yalikavak, a small coastal resort of the Bodrum peninsula in Aegean Turkey, has come a long way. A wide range of things to do in Yalikavak, from relaxing and stress-free activities to cultural Turkish traditions and heritage can explain its popularity.

Anyone with plans to travel the world would expect a simple answer to their question of what the weather is like in certain countries. However, when it comes to visiting Turkey, it is impossible to give an exact answer that covers all the country at once because it uniquely has three different climate zones.

Bodrum on the Aegean coast of Turkey is a nightlife hub renowned throughout the country for its professional after dark entertainment. Summer evenings pulsate with old and new music, dance shows, laser displays, and more of what Bodrum nights offers.

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