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Buying Holiday Property in Turkey: Home Owning Guide for Foreigners

Every month, hundreds of home buyers think about buying holiday property in Turkey. Reasons why are easy to understand. Owning a second home in a country that is one of the world's top tourist[...]

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Is it Cheap to Buy Property in Turkey? Home-Buying for Foreigners

Buyers, who decide to use our real estate services sometimes ask us if property is cheap in Turkey? The answer is yes, especially compared to western countries. Therefore, it is a prime real estate[...]

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How Can I Buy a House in Turkey?

As a real estate agent, many people ask how can I buy a house in Turkey? In this article, we outline the basic steps but remember we walk our customers through every step of the process. Foreigners[...]

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The Cheapest Place to Buy Property in Turkey

As a real estate-agent, homebuyers often ask us, where is the cheapest place to buy property in Turkey? Our years of experience in the real estate market means we can quickly answer this question.[...]

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Is it Safe to Buy Property in Turkey?

Many people ask us if it is safe to buy property in Turkey, and the answer is yes if you do things the proper way. In years gone by, when Turkey first opened its housing market to foreign[...]

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Kagithane Versus Bomonti - Emerging Istanbul Neighbourhoods on the Real Estate Market

When analysing the Istanbul property market, two areas emerge as firm winners of popular destinations with house buyers. Despite already being Turkey's biggest city, Istanbul continues to expand,[...]

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Buying Property in Turkey: Residency and Citizenship Questions

As a real estate-agent, foreigners often ask us, “do you get residency if you buy property in Turkey?”  Many people are then surprised to learn that you don’t have to enter the[...]

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Alacati’s Growing Fame on the International Property Market

In another international article featuring Turkish house buying destinations, Mansion Global asked Turkey Homes Director Mr Tolga Ertukel about the growing interest in Alacati. Sitting on the western[...]

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The Earthquake Building Code in Turkey

The Earthquake building code in Turkey has come more into the limelight after last month’s devastating earthquake in Izmir. Homebuyers and owners, especially in Istanbul, where there is a[...]

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Why Beautiful Fethiye is the Perfect Choice for Your Turkish Home

Ask any expat why they chose to buy property in Fethiye, and chances are they’ll tell you they visited on holiday and fell in love with the area. It’s no surprise. With majestic mountains[...]

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