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Where Should I Live In Istanbul?

If you are wondering where should I live in Istanbul, get ready for a healthy choice of neighbourhoods. Beautiful Istanbul, a fantastic city with an intriguing cultural heritage, is the beating heart[...]

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What Is the Best City To Live In Turkey?

If you want to know the best city to live in Turkey, get ready for a wide variety of choices. Turkey is a diverse country. Some sites will list cities like Istanbul and Antalya, but other cities like[...]

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5 Reasons To Holiday In Side

If you’re looking for a more laidback attitude to life, Side might already be on your radar. It’s increasingly popular among those who prefer a chilled atmosphere with less full-on[...]

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Why Uzumlu In Fethiye Attracts Foreign Property Buyers

Uzumlu in Fethiye is not one of the Turkish property market’s hotspot destinations, yet over the last year has seen increased buyers of many different nationalities. Sitting a 30-minute drive[...]

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Can You Live In Turkey Without Knowing Turkish?

So, you want to live in Turkey but do not know any Turkish and wonder if this dream is doable or a mad idea. Well, the answer will depend on your lifestyle. If you want to enter the workforce and[...]

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Is Turkey A Good Place To Live?

Occasionally, clients ask us if Turkey is a good place to live? We always say yes. The country offers much to anyone contemplating a move here. But of course, as a real estate agent, we will say[...]

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Where Do Most Expats Live In Turkey? Popular Destinations To Move To

When asking where do most expats live in Turkey, time-honoured trends provide the answer. Generally, working expats head to the big cities like Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. For this article, though,[...]

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Why Is Property So Cheap In Turkey?

As a real estate agent with clients worldwide, some ask us why is property so cheap in Turkey? With starting prices of roughly $40,000 to $50,000 for an apartment, it is an excellent question. Before[...]

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Where Should I Buy Property in Turkey?

If you are wondering where to buy property in Turkey, get ready for an avalanche of choices. Turkey is a vast country, the 37th largest globally, and thousands of cities, towns and villages stretch[...]

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The Eyup District in Istanbul: A Prime Spot for Property Buyers in Turkey

The Eyup district in Istanbul comes to the forefront as a famous outskirt district to buy a home. Eyup, also called Eyupsultan because of its historical importance, first operated as an individual[...]

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