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The Kalkan Property Market in 2021 and What to Expect in 2022

The Kalkan property market commands respect and admiration from all over Turkey. Homebuyers and real estate investors eagerly join the exclusive Mediterranean and Turkish Riviera destination offering[...]

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Your Helpful Guide to Buying an Apartment in Turkey

So, you are thinking of buying an apartment in Turkey. Congratulations. Whether you want a seaside location, beautiful mountain backdrop, retreat from city life or luxury, or penthouse living, we[...]

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House Sales To Foreigners In Turkey and Property Market Overview

When looking at house sales to foreigners in Turkey, 2021 turned the property market on its head. By November 2021, official data showed Turkey received 8.5 billion USD from foreign house purchases,[...]

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Public Holidays in Turkey for 2022 to Mark On Your Calendar

When it comes to public holidays in Turkey, be sure to put the following dates in your diary. While some will not affect you, others will, because banks and supermarkets shut. Additionally, you might[...]

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About New Year's Celebrations In Turkey

New Year's celebrations in Turkey are the biggest event of the year. Turks love to celebrate as the clock turns twelve into the start of another New Year. Heralding another 365 days for families[...]

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Things to Do In Turkey During December

December offers plenty to do in Turkey. While lounging on beaches and swimming leaves tourists with chills, December presents a different face of one of world’s top-visited destinations.[...]

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Which Places In Turkey Have Snow?

So, you want to know which places in Turkey have snow. Unfortunately, there are not as many places as the United Kingdom or Sweden. However, speaking of destinations that do receive snowfall,[...]

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8 Winter Places In Turkey To Put On Your Bucket List

The range of winter places in Turkey is vastly less than summer destinations. Traditionally, Turkey's tourism season runs from May to October. During this time, millions of people flock to Aegean[...]

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What Property Can I Buy for £200,000 in Turkey?

If you want to buy property in Turkey with a budget of 200k sterling, rest assured that you can easily find the house of your dream. The Turkish real estate market has seen a dramatic rise in prices[...]

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Is Trabzon A Good Place To Live? Expats In Turkey Series

Personally, our opinion is that Trabzon is a good place to live. Sitting in North-Eastern Turkey next to the famous tea making province of Rize, the town and region became high profile in recent[...]

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