Homes in Alanya for a Beachfront lifestyle

Homes in Alanya for a Beachfront lifestyle
What is it like to live in a beach-side town?
Written on: 24 December 2018

Anyone seeking a beach-side lifestyle in Turkey will find a delightful range of homes in Alanya that enable them to do just that. The growing reputation of the Mediterranean hub is appealing to increasingly more foreign property buyers who want a life by the sea.

Belonging to the larger Antalya region, Alanya is stepping forward as a significant player, not only for tourism but also house sales to foreigners, and it rightly deserves the growing admiration of global nationalities.

It offers everything including international transport links through Gazipasa and Antalya Airport, local transport links, a massive range of shops, bars, restaurants, banks and more. But what exactly is it about living by the sea that makes Alanya the perfect place to do it?

What is it like to live in a beach-side town?

If given a choice, most people would choose life by the sea over urban living any day. There is something special about knowing long stretches of sand, and vast oceans are on your doorstep, and they aren’t just for summer. Instead, they supply year-round solace, even if you are walking along a deserted beach in the winter, months after the hordes of bikini-wearing tourists have gone home.

Even on the days when problems set in, the soothing, calm lapping over the waves and amazing horizon view makes everything else pale in comparison. Sitting there doing nothing but watching the tide come in and out seems like an acceptable pastime to take up, and you even time your visits for a perfect front-row seat to the sunsets Turkey is famous for.

Experts say living by the sea increases your physical, social, and mental wellbeing, and you get to have a year-round tan but what are the downsides of a seaside lifestyle? There aren’t many.

People who leave rubbish on the beach when bins line the promenade are annoying. The population also doubles or even triples during summer as the seasonal holiday workers and tourists descend on the town to grab their share of fun and sand, but mostly, this isn’t a problem, because you have access to the beach for 12 months of the year. So, for a seaside life in Alanya, what neighbourhoods and homes should you be looking at?

3 Beachfront Homes in Alanya

1: Apartment in Mahmutlar: Perfect for Budget Buyers

The Mahmutlar district of Alanya is one of the most popular neighbourhoods for two reasons. First, its real estate portfolio has some excellent homes within 100 metres to twenty minutes’ walk to the beach. Second, the price per square meter of homes is affordable, making it perfect for budget and first-time buyers in Turkey. An example is this 2-bedroom apartment on the market for just over 35,000 Euros. Owners just cross the road to reach a palm tree promenade and the long sandy beach.

2: Penthouse lifestyle Near Cleopatras Beach

For 2018, Trip Advisor ranked Cleopatra’s beach in Alanya as the best in Turkey. It’s long, sandy and wide, with a front seat to the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea. Living within walking distance to it, is the perfect solution for anyone looking to live beach side in the Antalya region. This 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom penthouse on the market for just over 150k is perfect for a large family or a couple who have extended family to stay with them in summer. With spectacular views and a terrace for alfresco dining, it emphasises a summer life.

3: Villa living in Konakli

To wake up to a sea view every morning from your own large, private villa, these homes in the small resort of Konakli are perfect. Owners get to have the best of both worlds by swimming in the Mediterranean Sea on the morning and in the communal swimming pool in the afternoon. They also come furnished, and ready to move in straight away. At the bargain price of 124k, these villas once again prove that for value for money, Alanya’s real estate market delivers it in bucket loads.


See more homes in Alanya listed on our extensive portfolio of apartments and villas. Alternatively, Alanya has many beaches, some are secluded while others attract crowds from all around the world. Read about them, and what makes each one special in our Alanya beach guide.

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