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Annual Running Costs for a Property in Antalya

The annual running costs of property in Antalya are relatively lower than western countries. This explains why it is a popular choice for expats. The below are approximate amounts only and will differ slightly according to the type of property and the location. Naturally, someone who is only using the property as a holiday home will incur lower costs. All the prices are in Turkish lira but use Google or to convert to your desired currency.


Monthly Utility Bills


Electricity: For a 2 bedroom apartment in Antalya, monthly electricity bills vary from 80 to 200 lira per month and there is no standing charge, you only pay for what you use. The primary contributing factor for high electricity bills is air conditioning units that consume a lot of power. For this reason, some people lower their electric bill by installing stand up fans or ceiling fans, although newer inverter type air conditioning units are more economical to run than older models.

Gas: In most areas of Turkey gas is supplied via a bottle rather than piped into homes, with gas bottles costing around 90-100 Lira, sounds a lot compared to electricity prices but a gas bottle can last anything from 6-12 months depending how often you use your hob for home cooking, even longer if you only use your Antalya property for holidays.

Having said this, some areas of Antalya do have a natural gas supply and central heating powered by gas, an average yearly cost for gas when cooking and heating a 2 bedroom apartment you can expect a bill of around 500-600 Lira as the winters are very short and mild, again with no standing charge.

Water: Slowly, the old-fashioned water meters are being phased out and replaced with pay-as-you-go meters. Costs vary from averaging roughly 1 Turkish lira per cubic meter. A large family’s water bill will cost in the region of 30-40 Turkish Lira, though this can be a lot higher if you have a pool to keep topped up and garden to water without a water well.

Internet: For permanent all year round living, the Internet will cost about 60-70 lira a month for an unlimited package, higher if you are planning to stream your TV channels. If you are using your property only as a holiday home, you can rent dongles from companies who will deliver them to your door.


Annual Costs for a Property in Antalya


Council Tax: The charge for your council tax varies depending on the number of people on the tapu (title deeds) and the price of your property. An average 2-bedroom apartment can expect to pay roughly 250 TL per year.  

Rubbish Tax: This is a one-off annual tax collected with the council tax and is around 100 lira per year.

DASK Insurance: This is earthquake insurance and is compulsory by law. The cost varies between companies who will use the square meterage of your Antalya property to calculate it. A 70-square meter apartment is roughly 250 lira a year. Obviously, the cost rises if you upgrade to contents and fire insurance.

Service Charges: If you purchase a property in Antalya in a complex, a monthly maintenance fee is required. This fee goes towards costs such as communal electricity, water, swimming pool chemicals and maintenance, garden upkeep and any other communal facilities as agreed by the official management committee. They vary from complex to complex from 300 to 2000 lira per year.


Additional Costs


A villa with a swimming pool still requires maintenance so you can learn to either maintain the swimming pool yourself or employ a company for roughly 500 lira. Generally, villa owners tend only to keep their swimming pools open from May to October.

If you use your Antalya property as a holiday home, you may wish to employ a management company to perform checks, handle bills, or clean the apartment before you arrive. We offer all these services to buyers and can discuss packages available.

* If you choose to live in Antalya all year round, also take into account, the costs of residency fees and compulsory health insurance which can be state or private. 


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