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NEWS Boris Johnson gets served classic Turkish coffee on visit to Turkish family in UK

12 Dec 2019

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson visited the house of a Turkish family where colorful moments were experienced. EYLEM a young pop singer hosted the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson at her home and offered him world famous Turkish coffee with her own hands. While sipping the coffee PM Johnson was excited to see a photo of his Turkish uncle Zeki KUNERALP, from 1964.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and some members from the Conservative Party who came to support Chainford & Woodford Green nominee Iain Duncan Smith due to Britain's early general election on December 12th, were guests at a Turkish family's home.

Eylem, the daughter of Halil Halebi a Cypriot Turkish and a member of municipal councilors welcomed the guests. She then served Turkish coffee to Prime Minister Johnson and his guests. Johnson took his coffee in the garden and started chatting with the party members.

Among guests were others such as the President of the British Council of Turkish Cypriot Associations Leyla Kemal, the former chairman of the council Çetin Ramadan and Ersu Ekrem, the President of the British Turkish Cypriot Association.

During the conversation Ipek Ozerim, the editor of T VINE magazine showed Eric Johnson a black-and-white photograph of his Turkish uncle Zeki KUNERALP taken in 1964 together with his friends, when he was the Turkish ambassador in London.

Ms. Ozerim of Turkish origin and editor of T VINE magazine narrated the occasion as follows:

“Johnson was very excited and asked when and where the photo was taken, and how his uncle had met my father who was in the same photo. I said my father was the president of the Turkish Cypriot Aid Council in those years. When your uncle was appointed Ambassador to London in 1964, he helped the Turkish Cypriots in their difficult times. Johnson, who was very excited to see the photograph, wanted to have a copy delivered to him after hearing the story of the photograph as well”.

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