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NEWS Metropolitan Municipality to launch “Sea Taxi” service in Istanbul soon

14 Sep 2021

IMM (Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality) is scheduled to launch the sea taxis produced at the Halic Shipyard, end of this month (September 2021).

New generation and environmental taxis were specially designed for disabled people, families with strollers and cyclists to use, easily. Fees for taxis which will be reached by mobile application are to be determined in UKOME (Transportation Coordination Center). After 6 months, IBB will also start DOLMUŞ (shared) taxi services.

Deniz taxi project, started in January and introduced to the public by Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem Imamoğlu, passed the test drive, successfully. Eight of the 50 taxis produced at the Haliç Shipyard will start serving citizens at the end of September 2021. Taxis intended to serve everyone instead of the upper income class, will be switched to the dolmus (shared) taxi model within six months.

Sea taxis will target all income groups.

Sea taxis will no longer just appeal to the upper income group. It is aimed to keep the fees to be determined at UKOME at a reasonable level so that everyone can benefit.

Domestic production and environmentalist approach.

The design of sea taxis were produced at the Haliç Shipyard. All engineering works were carried out within the company to comply with an environmentalist approach. Sea taxis will consume 3 liters of fuel per mile, with 5 only to run on electricity.

Sea taxis will allow the use of the sea at locations where public transport does not reach, as well. It will both contribute to vehicle traffic and increase the use of the sea transportation. With its design that can dock anywhere, it will eliminate the dependence on scaffolding and make a difference by landing and boarding at the desired location.

When designing the vehicles, attention was paid to both being comfortable and addressing different groups of passengers; Disabled people, families with strollers, battery-powered vehicles and cyclists will be able to easily use the new generation of sea taxis.


Those who want to use sea taxis, will be able to call them via a mobile app. In the first place, it will be possible to make calls at 98 spots. Later, the application will be expanded.

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