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When we look at the picture today European Union Countries, Gulf States and the United States are among the leading investors in Turkey.

As soon as new rules to be introduced Turkish regulatory authorities regarding Islamic finance are approved by the Parliament "Islamic finance" is expected to enter a strong growth period.

Based on a survey by professionals in the sector it was observed that Turkey was about to become one of the top destinations for British tourists.

Bodrum is currently one of Turkey's most attractive tourist centers in the European market and is estimated to enjoy an increase of 50 percent in tourism in 2018 as compared to 2017.

KAPUTAŞ has a special place as often mentioned by foreign visitors. The beach, which is located in the Kalkan district of Antalya, is referred to as one of the perfect beaches on the Mediterranean.

It is reported that Turkey is expected to have a very fruitful year in tourism. Professionals in the sector say early bookings from European markets (Germany to be in the first place) have increased by up to 70-80 percent.

The project, dubbed light-heartedly by President Tayyip Erdogan’s as 'crazy', will aim to relieve pressure on the busy shipping lanes of the Bosphorus Strait.

Representatives of the British Government on duty in Turkey have almost always had a very positive and constructive impression on both the public and the administration contributing to the already friendly relations between two countries.

In 2017 overall, just over 1.4 million properties were sold across Turkey - a rise of 5.1 percent compared to 2016

Bodrum which has long become a global brand in the world tourism sector participated in the Tourism Fair in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

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