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It is reported that the number of tourists coming to Antalya and Gazipaşa airports has approached 3 million as of 28 May 2018. The previous record of Antalya was recorded in 2014.

The construction sector has been the locomotive of the Turkish economy in recent decades. There is no doubt Turkish construction companies have improved their know-how in this field and are much sought after, globally.

Some 5 star hotels in Turkey will serve as comfortable hospitals for elderly people and physical therapy and rehabilitation patients in winter, provided they meet required conditions

“It is likely that tourists from UK will break a record this year. The reason is a very fast come-back situation is in question. Therefore we are excited and we expect three million British tourists to come to Turkey”

Referring to concerned visit to be realized by Erdogan next week, the ambassador said “This will be an important step for the development of the cooperation between two parties"

The Land of Legends is one-of-a-kind sort of project in the region and therefore provides a great added value to the tourism of the country.

Turkey has displayed a very consistent positive performance in exports for the last one and a half year and the records show increase in exports has climbed to double digit numbers in the last 7 months

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) stated that Turkey's economy had picked up strongly in 2017, following the coup attempt in 2016.

It was announced by President Erdogan that Turkey would hold early elections on 24 June 2018, a year earlier than scheduled.

According to a statement made by Siemens, TCDD (Turkey’s State Railways) has signed a contract for 10 new Velaro high-speed trains with Siemens who submitted the most favorable offer in the tender for high-speed trains.

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