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Why buy property in trabzon Turkey

With Trabzon being a very important area for the Turkish import and export trade, its makes sense to invest in the area. It also a very popular holiday destination for Arabs, with its cool climate all year round, a wonderful escape from the heat of the hot Arab countries.

Development in Trabzon is slowly increasing as investors are seeing its holiday destination appeal increasing for many more nationalities who prefer the cooler climate as opposed to the hot sunny resorts on the south coast and the humidity of Istanbul in the summer.

With the extremely attractive property prices in Trabzon expected to begin to rise steadily with the tourism changes, now is the perfect time to invest in the area. Property for sale in Trabzon is becoming a latest trend especially from GCC countries citizens lately. 


Property for sale in TRABZON Turkey

Sitting on the borders of the black sea in northeastern Turkey is the large city of Trabzon. One of the major cities of Turkey with a huge harbour which plays a major role in Turkey’s import and export trade

A Little About the History of Trabzon

Trabzon is a conservative city with a wonderful history with the most popular historical attraction being the ancient Sumela Monastery dating back to the 14th-century, though the building was originally started in the 4th century by two Greek Monks.  The monastery has an amazing natural setting on the slopes of the Zigana Mountains, built into the cliffs 1200m above the sea, well worth the 50km tour to see, though be aware of a steep climb to reach the entrance.

Another historical attraction of Trabzon is the Hagia Sophia Church, not to be confused with the museum of the same name in Istanbul, dating back to the 13th century and was used for church services until 1670 when the Ottomans invaded the region. It was then converted to a mosque and was used for storage and a hospital during World War 1, and has since been used as a museum and a mosque, said to be one of the finest examples of Byzantine architecture.

Trabzon Today

One of the most sophisticated city's on the Black Sea border, having the feel of a seaside town with a cosmopolitan buzz making it a popular tourist destination, loved for its cool comfortable climate throughout the year, its beautiful lush green landscapes and varying shades of blue with its stunning natural lakes.

The city is also known for its football, with Trabzonspor being one of the top football team in Turkey, and its fish restaurants, being a coastal city offering an array of tasty fish and seafood dishes, though its array of restaurants also offer some amazing Turkish dishes quite often regional dishes which are variants on dishes from other areas.

Developing Trabzon

Trabzon’s growing number of tourists, especially from the Gulf countries, has seen Trabzon start to develop into a very popular tourist destination, and the demand for quality homes is also growing giving real estate in Trabzon a huge boost, with many more people looking for accommodation for sale in Tabzon, as second/holiday homes or for pure investment purposes, as property in Trabzon offers excellent rental yields all year round as many prefer its cooler climate to the hotter climates of the southern coastal resorts which only tend to offer seasonal summer rentals.

Trabzon Property for Sale

Modern apartment accommodation in Trabzon, Turkey can be purchased in the region of $50,000 for 1 bedroom apartments, though properties with sea views will command higher prices likewise in many other parts of the world. If you are searching for a luxury private villa, these can be found in beautiful scenic locations with prices starting at around $150,000 and again views will higher the price tag.

Overall for anyone looking to buy property in Trabzon, Turkey the area is an investment property hotspot, where capital appreciation is excellent for the foreseeable future, a growing city that is seeing development on a large scale, and it goes without saying that rental yields will also rocket in the not so distant future.

Turkey Homes will guide you to your ideal Trabzon real estate, taking in to consideration, your lifestyle requirements and budget.



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Trabzon 2 2

Off-plan sea view apartments in Trabzon for sale. Close to the airport, 5 minutes to the city centre and the beaches. Ideal affordable investment.
Luxury Modern Sea View Nature View Off-Plan Investment New Home
Sold Luxury Sea View Trabzon Apartments - Balcony sea and sunset views

Trabzon 2 1

Affordably priced sea view apartments in Trabzon for sale. An off-plan project close to the airport and the beach. Ideal home or investment in Turkey.
Luxury Modern Sea View Off-Plan Investment
Sold Turnkey Sea View Trabzon Apartments - Modern sea view complex

Trabzon 2 2

Affordable Trabzon apartments for sale. 250m from the sea with ample local amenities and great city and airport links. Ideal investment in Turkey.
Luxury Modern Sea View Nature View Investment New Home
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