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Yali property for sale in Turkey

What is a Yali Property?

Yali houses are huge mansion-style homes found in waterfront locations, especially on the Bosphorus and Marmara shores in Istanbul and often across the water in the Mudanya area, with some modern properties being developed across Turkey with some of the beautiful Yali features

Yali Real Estate in Turkey dates back to the Ottoman era, and have a grandeur about them with some stunning intricate wooden facades, large protruding bay windows and balconies that all overlook the water. With many interior rooms, for both home owners and family, and live in quarters for staff who cater for every need of the Yali residents.

These homes were and are still owned by rich people, mostly Turkish citizens and some foreign owners too. Most Yali property in Turkey are highly guarded by high walls and security guards to protect the owners and the properties, and the best way to see these stunning mansions is by taking a Bosphorus ferry boat tour where you can see them in all their fine glory.

Turkish Yali Property is known to be the most expensive property in Istanbul with price tags way into the millions when it comes to £'s

Yali accommodation in Turkey was built predominantly of wood, as it was with many Turkish homes, with fine intricate detail. After many years, some of the homes have been restored with great success keeping with the fine details of the wooden facades and the keeping the Ottoman history alive within Istanbul.

It is very rare to see Yali accommodation for sale on the real estate market, but when you do they are snapped up very quickly indeed and quite often at undisclosed prices to protect the wealth of the sellers and the buyers. Probably the most expensive Yali property in Turkey, sold recently in Istanbul’s Bosphorus stretch at $155,000,000 to a GCC country royal family member.

If you have the budget and are looking to buy Yali property in Turkey, we will guide you to the ideal property and all the way through the buying process in Turkey and beyond.

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Bursa 3 2

Apartments for sale in Bursa, Turkey with traditional Yali style. Great Istanbul connections for the ideal investment in Turkey. Limited availability.
Luxury Yali Investment New Traditional

Istanbul European , Istanbul 10 5

Elaborate Yali Istanbul villa for sale sitting right at the sea in the Sariyer area of Istanbul. Fully furnished with a private swimming pool.
Luxury Traditional Sea Front Sea View Prestigious Yali

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