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Why buy property in ayvalik Turkey

Picking up a bargain seaside property is rare, in any part of the world, however, one of Turkey's close-kept secrets, Ayvalik you can if you act now. 

Turkish developers have only recently discovered the potential of this stunning area, you can quite easily pick up a bargain property safe in the knowledge that capital appreciation is a cert, whether it be a holiday home or a buy-to-let property for summer bookings. 

The village is sleepy for much of the year, but come the summer it comes alive with Turkish visitors and recently a slowly growing international crowd too, all looking for quality accommodation for their annual summer breaks, and has Ayvalik's visitors increase the type of accommodation they are searching for is becoming harder to find.

With property prices currently being far lower than those Bodrum, Fethiye, Kalkan and other popular resorts, you can possibly pick up two properties and watch your nest egg grow before your eyes, however, you must act fact before big investors zone in on the area.

Property for sale in Ayvalik

Where is Ayvalik?

Ayvalik is a small town in the northwestern Aegean region of Turkey, belonging to the Balikesir province and sitting across the water from the Greek of Lesbos. The history books say that Ayvalik was first inhabited as far back as the prehistoric ages and until 1922 the village was inhabited entirely by the Greeks, which stands out in the local architecture of old stone houses lining the narrow cobbled streets, many of these homes have now been sensitively renovated to their former glory, following strict regulations, and now provide second/holiday homes for many of the Turkish people who spend their summer holidays and weekends in Ayvalik.

A little about life in Ayvalik

A little known secret town surrounded by the archipelago of the Ayvalik Islands, with white sandy beaches stretching as far as the eye can see. For much of the year, a sleepy beach town that comes alive in the summer, especially at the weekend when visiting Turks descend on the area for its peaceful atmosphere and beaches.

The most popular the local island is Cunda Island, though an island it is linked to the mainland via wooden bridges crossing the water between several of the neighbouring islands, Cunda is again, a beautiful place to visit, showing off more of the wonderful history of the area, with colourful stone houses, and quaint shops and eateries.

Next to its summer tourism trade, Ayvalik’s main source of income is the production of Olive oil and soap, with huge olive groves in the area due to Ayvalik’s ideal climate and fertile soil, which produces some of the best olive oil not only in Turkey but the world, known as the capital of Olive oil production with top chefs choosing Ayvalik olive oil for their tasty dishes.

Life in Ayvalik is certainly not for the party goers, a cocktail on the water’s edge watching the amazing sunsets is about as lively as it gets, no bars with loud music or noisy nightclubs just chilled out evenings and tranquillity.

Why Buy Property in Ayvalik, Turkey?

Despite the huge development across much of Turkey, the serenity and gorgeous white sandy beaches of Ayvalik seem to have been overlooked. Investment in this area is a sure winner as the small town has just been spotted by developers who have finally seen the potential.

A property in Ayvalik can be picked up at a fraction of the cost of property in areas like Bodrum, Fethiye and Cesme. Act fast and your real estate in Ayvalik could be worth a fortune in a year or two once it is recognised by international tourists as a heavenly holiday resort, with accommodation for sale in Ayvalik on the market in the region of a third of the price of these, already well-known areas along the Turkish coastline.

A secret hotspot for property investment in Turkey, which will, when the village popularity becomes known to the world, will provide excellent capital appreciation and very high rental yields from history loving affluent guests.

Types of Property

Ayvalik Property for sale is offered as renovation projects with rundown stone houses, though it’s always best to get these checked out by builders and architects to make sure they are safe as quite often these type of properties are in need of a complete rebuild, and are subject to strict planning orders to keep the local history and its architecture alive.

New accommodation in Ayvalik, Turkey can also be found as the developers are slowly moving in, though the planning orders are similar to the old houses, and you will find that more often than not the new properties are also built from natural stone, though with modern interior designs, but don’t let this put you off, these houses are ideal for all season, the thick stonework is known for keeping the homes cool in the hot summer months ad for keeping the cold out in the winter.

Turkey Homes will guide you to your ideal Ayvalik property, taking into consideration, your lifestyle requirements and budget.


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Completed investment opportunity in Turkey. Sustainable smart home apartment for sale in Altinova, Ayvalik. Self-sufficient energy produced by solar.
Sea View Smart Home Investment Green Energy Contemporary

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Characterful stone villas for sale in Ayvalik with sea and nature views. Choose from 1-4 bedrooms with large private gardens. Investment in Turkey.
Sea View Nature View Investment New Home New Traditional
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