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Why buy property in bursa Turkey

Overseas property buyers in Bursa has increased dramatically over recent years, with Bursa being one of the main cogs in Turkey's economy for trade and industry and a very important historical area where the Ottoman architecture was founded many years ago. 

With prices being lower than those of nearby Istanbul many Arab investors have headed to Bursa with its fast easy connections to Istanbul and its close proximity to one of Turkey's most popular ski resorts of Uludag, and the increasingly popular thermal spa baths of Bursa, all giving investors the ideal opportunity to earn healthy incomes from short term holiday rentals all year round, and for long term rental too with it being a perfect area for all year living with large shopping centres. excellent educational facilities and medical institutions.

Bursa is set to continue growing and is expected to attract more affluent citizens with some excellent employment opportunity's on offer, and attracted also by the generally lower cost of living than that of Istanbul and other large cities.

Green energy villa for sale in Bursa

Looking to buy green energy villa in Bursa? - Bursa is a large modern city located to the south of Istanbul, separated by the waters of the Marmara Sea and it plays a big role in Turkey’s growing economy hosting several car plants and other large food and textile businesses.

Green energy villa in Bursa for sale has never really been a big feature on the real estate market, however, as the world is now beginning to take note of the serious effects of the thinning ozone layer and global warming, developers have begun to offer small range of green energy villa in Bursa for sale, whereby homes are being built with discreetly placed solar panels to supply the household hot water supplies and some of the electricity, and as more developers follow suit you will some with energy efficient glass and water saving devices meet a growing demand from buyers searching prices for green energy villa in Bursa to help save our planet.

When you buy green energy villa in Bursa it not only helps with the effects of global warming, it will also save on your bank balance too in the long term with lower water and electricity bills.

Contact Turkey Homes when looking at prices for green energy villa in Bursa, we will take your personal budget and lifestyle requirements on board and direct you to your ideal energy saving home, and will be there to assist you through the property buying process.

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Bursa 4 2

Spacious traditional 4-bed villa in Bursa for sale with vast private gardens, 2 living areas and stunning lake views. Ideal investment in Bursa.
Traditional Health Lake View Nature View Investment Green Energy

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New luxury Bursa properties for sale. Spacious private villas with several on-site facilities, sea, lake & nature views, Ideal investment in Turkey.
Luxury Modern Sea View Lake View Nature View Investment Green Energy New Home
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