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Why buy property in cappadocia Turkey

If you are looking to buy property in Cappadocia, the best place to start is the popular area of Goreme, to give you a very healthy rental income. With year round tourists in excess of 2.5 million and growing every year.

Located within easy walking distance of many of Cappadocia's tourist attractions including the famous Goreme Open Air Museum, with lots of little trinket shops and eateries, and some amazing views the area and its fairy chimneys and hot air balloons.

Investment villa for sale in Cappadocia

Browsing the Internet in search of prices for investment villa in Cappadocia, Turkey? - Thousands of years ago a group of volcanic mountains erupted in central Turkey, with thick carpets of lava covering the landscapes for miles around, and over the years the layers of lava have been eroded forming today’s stunning Cappadocia landscapes and dramatic fairy chimney’s.

Today Cappadocia is amongst the top tourist destinations in Turkey and a great area of property investment, and when in search of an investment villa in Cappadocia for sale you cannot expect to find luxury detached properties that are found in other destination across Turkey as an investment villa in Cappadocia for sale will most likely be a quirky property carved into the volcanic rock.

When looking to buy investment villa in Cappadocia the available options will be extremely limited as they are very sought after as investors know that this is the type of accommodation that most tourists seek for their stay in Cappadocia to give them a real feel of the area and its history, therefore, an excellent rental income can be achieved when you buy investment villa in Cappadocia.

Contact Turkey Homes when in search of prices for investment villa in Cappadocia and with your budget and requirements in mind, we will guide to your ideal Cappadocia real estate and assist you throughout the property Turkey buying process.

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Sold Tastefully Restored Cappadocia Cave Home -  interior with cosy fireplace

Cappadocia 3 2

Cappadocia property for sale in Goreme. A lovingly restored traditional cave home with character. Ideal investment in Turkey with high rental yields.
Traditional Nature View Investment
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