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Choosing Your Antalya Property and Our Responsibilities

Searching for property in Antalya is rather exciting, however, before you start, it is important to list your reasons for buying and fix your budget, to find the ideal Antalya real estate for you. If your plan is to make a long-term investment, then a new modern build is a good base line to start. Likewise, if you want to rent out the property to holidaymakers, ensure it also has amenities they will like such as a swimming pool, close proximity to a beach, and near to bars, restaurants, and supermarkets.

However, if you plan to relocate to live in Antalya, you will require medical facilities, and possibly schools if you are moving out with children. If you don’t speak Turkish, you are best to choose an area with an ex-pat community who can be a mine of information on all the do’s and don’ts in the area. On the other hand, if you want a property in a remote location, cheap and frequent public transport will be necessary if you don’t plan to purchase a car.

Our Antalya property portfolio is here (link). Use the filters to choose specific types of property, areas, and other requirements. E.g. Alanya, apartment, 2 bedrooms, and sea view etc. Alternatively, let our Antalya real estate advisors know of your budget, preferred area, and requirements and they will do the searching for you and send you suitable options to consider.

At this point, you also need to know what our responsibilities as your estate agent are.

1: To provide you with additional details, photos, and answers to questions about any Antalya property that has caught your eye. We can supply further details over the phone or via email.

2: Upon deciding that you would like to view an Antalya property or properties, to assist with all travel arrangements including flights, accommodation, and transport.

3: To act on your behalf for communication with sellers.

4: To arrange all contracts and ensures the legal process is adhered to.

5: To assist you with moving in.

6: To offer after sale services such as opening bank accounts, changing the names on utility connections or obtaining a supply for new builds.

7: To be there as a point of contact before, throughout and after the Antalya property buying process.  


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