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Best Places to Buy Property in Turkey

When looking at the best places to buy property in Turkey, be assured there are good choices. If you have already visited Turkey on holiday, you may know where to buy property. If you have not, you might be confused because Turkey is a vast country. Moreover, Turkey's real estate market fluctuates from region to region. Still, the great news is that many districts have impressive portfolios of apartments and villas.

Certain areas within Turkey are popular destinations for foreign property buyers, mainly because of excellent infrastructure, easy access to airports and Western-style attitudes. Most of these areas are concentrated in Istanbul and along the west and Aegean coasts. Let's look at the Turkish real estate markets for ideas of where to buy property.

                                                                  Where to Buy Property in Turkey

Istanbul City Centre

As a business, financial and tourism hub, Istanbul is Turkey's largest city and a popular destination for working ex-pats seeking an urban lifestyle. Naturally, the benefits of living in the largest city are vibrant shopping, lively nightlife, arts, and cultural scenes. With two airports, flights to and from Istanbul are frequent. Although Istanbul is often touted as an investment property destination, the city centre also has an established tourism industry, making it a favourite of people from all over the globe. Many approved properties for Turkish citizenship by investment scheme are in Istanbul. (Property Purchases in Istanbul.)

 Foreign Property Buyers in Bodrum

This cosmopolitan destination, a favourite for Westernised Turks and foreigners of all nationalities, comprises smaller resorts, of which some, like Yalikavak and Turgutreis, are popular ex-pat and property havens. The peninsula is serviced by its own airport. The popularity can be credited to the mass of budget, luxury apartments, and villas. Turkish properties in Bodrum tend to be more exclusive hence fetch higher prices. But expect good choices of semi-detached and detached villas and apartments on complexes with onsite amenities and swimming pools. Most places in Bodrum are just an hour's drive from the airport. (The Property Market in Bodrum.)

Foreign Buyers in Didim

This small town in western Turkey has mainly garnered the attention of British holidaymakers and expats thanks to its reputation for relatively cheap property prices. Famed for the large Apollo temple, much like other quaint fishing villages, Didim has grown beyond the borders. There are now many outskirt districts, including Akbuk and Mavisehir. Another reason why property prices are low compared to other resorts is that there are still lots of land plots available for building, and properties are in abundance. Therefore, Didim is ideal for buying a holiday home or property for permanent living. (Purchasing Property in Didim.)

The Real Estate Market of Fethiye

This peninsula recently saw dramatic property investment developments as its reputation on the Turkish Riviera soared. Consisting of the smaller holiday resorts of Calis Beach, Hisaronu, Ovacik, and Oludeniz, the city centre is a bustling district with a unique lifestyle destination with many foreign nationals living there. The community of Uzumlu has also seen impressive development while maintaining its traditional village charm. Fethiye is mostly well known because of its landmark Blue Lagoon.( Foreign Investment in Fethiye.).

Relaxed Lifestyles in Kalkan

Foreign property investors looking for good rental yields and modern living love Kalkan and the large luxury villas for which the town is famous. Property prices are generally higher in this prestigious resort because of the beautiful sea views, and there are no masses of land to build on. Although apartments are sold in Kalkan, the general trend is villas with luxury themes, modern furnishings, fittings, and gadgets. House prices in Kalkan are not cheap, but the town maintains an exclusive reputation for luxury living. (The real estate market in Kalkan.)

Real Estate Investment in Antalya

Turkey's second most popular tourist destination, Antalya on the Mediterranean coast, has all amenities and an impressive airport. The Turkish property market breaks down into smaller holiday resorts, each with unique characteristics. For example, Side boasts historical ruins, while Belek is Turkey's golfing capital. As well as the populous city centre, another popular resort for foreign investors is Alanya town centre, which attracts various nationalities, and working ex-pats. Antalya is prime for real estate investment, with many attractive apartments and luxury villas. Additionally, there are many expats from different countries living there.

Architecture Trends in Dalyan

Part of the lure of this region is the untouched beauty of Mother Nature. Dalyan is famous for Lycian rock tombs and mud baths. It is serviced by its own airport, and the cross-country bus services run directly through it. Property buyers focus on the highly scenic Akkaya area near a lake. One aspect in Dalyan's favour is the affordable prices that offer good value for money compared to other high-profile destinations. ( About buying property in Dalyan.)

Middle Eastern Buyers in Bursa

Compared to other popular cities in Turkey, such as Istanbul and Ankara, the prices of Bursa are generally more affordable. This makes the area attractive for those who want more budget-friendly places to buy property and business opportunities. In addition, Bursa offers good quality living, green parks, natural beauty, developed infrastructure, a sound education system, healthcare facilities, and entertainment options. It is also known for its culinary scene, with various delicious local dishes. One aspect that stands out about Bursa is that while other regions attract Europeans, Bursa tends to attract middle eastern nationalities because of similarities in culture. ( Property in Bursa )

More About Where to Buy Property in Turkey

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