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To know how to get a Turkish residency visa, the following article will be helpful. Please note these are guidelines only, and the official website for residency is E-Ikamet. Please check that website when applying to see any updates to the application process or the basic fee, or visit the migration office where you plan to live. However, we can assure you that gaining a residence permit is straightforward. In fact, as of June 2023, according to official stats, there are 1,286,000 foreigners living in Turkey on various types of Turkish visa permits.



                                            About the Turkish Residence Permit System

Short-term Residency Permit (Touristic Residence Permit): For shorter-term stays in Turkey, apply for a Short-term Residence Permit, also known as a Tourist Residence Permit. This permit is for foreigners wishing to stay in Turkey for tourism or other short-term purposes for longer than 90 days. It can be renewed upon expiration if applicants still meet the eligibility criteria. There are also other residency permit types.

To be eligible for short-term residence permits, the application requires proof of accommodation, such as a rental agreement or title deeds, along with other supporting documents like proof of sufficient income to cover your stay, medical insurance, and a valid passport. This is the most common type of permit, and many foreigners live in this beautiful country because of it.

IMPORTANT: Applicants who don't own Turkish property will receive a validity period of a 6-month short-term residency permit. Property owners will get a year on their first real estate residence visa application. Then, they can apply for 2 years upon expiration. You will need private health insurance for the first year, as you will only be eligible to pay SGK in your 2nd year.

From October 2023, anyone applying for a new residency based on property ownership has to prove a market value of $200,000, according to the valuation report. This replaced the previous amount of $75,000 but did not affect prior real estate investments. 2023 also saw many provinces restrict residency applications to foreigners due to an over-application ratio to Turkish locals. The new law changes Law No. 6458 on Foreigners and International Protection (LFIP).

Family Residence Permit in Turkey: A Family Residency Permit is available for foreign individuals who are married to Turkish citizens or have Turkish family members (such as children or parents). This permit allows them to reside in Turkey for an extended period. To be eligible for a Family Residence visa, applicants must be married to a Turkish spouse or have a child who is a Turkish citizen.

Documents needed for the application will include a marriage certificate to the Turkish spouse (for spouses), birth certificate (for children), proof of relationship, proof of accommodation, medical insurance coverage, and any other supporting documents as specified by the Turkish immigration authorities. The Family Residence Permit is typically issued for up to two years, depending on the circumstances. It can be renewed upon expiration if applicants still meet eligibility criteria.

Student Residence Permit: This permit is for international students studying in Turkey. It is granted for the duration of their study program. To be eligible for a Student Residency Permit, applicants must be enrolled in a recognized educational institution in Turkey, such as a university or vocational school. The Student Residence must be renewed before expiration to continue studying in Turkey.

Work Residence Permit: This temporary residence visa is for foreigners who secured employment in Turkey. The foreigner's work permit ID allows them to work and reside in the country. A valid work permit is tied to a specific job and is usually good for one year. It is not an infinitive work permit.

Long-term Residency Permit: This permanent residency permit is for foreigners who have legally resided in Turkey for at least eight years and have a clean criminal record. Long-term residency permits grant the right to live in the country indefinitely. In Turkey, a long-term home is designed for foreigners who have legally resided there for at least eight years and wish to obtain permanent residency.

Applicants must have a valid and current residence permit or permits that cover eight years, alongside the standard proof of income and accommodation. They must show a good understanding of the Turkish language. Upon receiving this permit, applicants gain indefinite rights to reside in Turkey without renewing permits.

Humanitarian Residence Permit: This residency permit is for foreigners who must reside in Turkey for compelling humanitarian reasons, such as temporary conditional refugee protection or medical treatment.

Human Trafficking Residence Permit for Victims: Humanitarian visa permits are for victims of human trafficking who cooperate with Turkish authorities. It grants them residence and temporary protection in Turkey.

Residency Permit Card

How to Apply for Turkish Residency - Residence Permit Procedure

Fill in the residency permit application form at the official website, according to your desired residence type. They will say what supporting documents are needed and the cost. Online applications can only be made from within Turkey because foreign numbers are not accepted for applications and must be made before tourist visas run out. Upon arrival in Turkey, buy a Turkish SIM card for the application process. Pay a single-entry tax at your local tax office or Ziraat Bank for first-time applications. The system will also give appointments at the local government immigration office. Additional documents include….

  • Online Application form
  • Photocopy of passport or equivalent travel document
  • Four biometric passport-size photographs
  • Proof that you can financially support yourself.
  • Documents/receipts for the residence permit fee and card fee.
  • Title deed proving the applicant's ownership (required for foreigners who own immovable property in Turkey)‚Äč
  • Valid health insurance policy if under 65.

Note about Biometric Photos: The official website says applicants must use biometric (in ICAO standards) photographs to avoid any problems when applying and in transactions at the Provincial Directorates of Migration Management. So, pay attention to the photo conformity and submit a digital version of the pictures to relevant persons during the application process.

Turkish Residency Permit Versus Turkish Citizenship

Turkish citizenship law allows for the application of foreigners to become citizens rather than living on visa residency permits. This will give them a Turkish passport, visa-free travel, and the right to live and work indefinitely. Gaining Turkish citizenship involves meeting specific criteria and going through an application process. The procedures for obtaining permanent residence Turkish citizenship may vary, so it's essential to consult with the Turkish immigration authorities or seek legal advice for accurate and up-to-date information. To get citizenship by descent, provide the necessary documents to prove lineage and apply through relevant authorities. If you are married to a Turkish citizen and have lived together in a valid and harmonious marriage for at least three years, you are eligible to apply for Turkish citizenship.

Citizenship through Real Estate Investment

Turkey's citizenship-by-investment program enables foreign citizens to obtain Turkish citizenship by making financial investments, and they can also keep dual citizenship. This is an excellent option for those who want to live and work in this popular destination all year round. The Turkish government determines specific investment options in the real estate market and minimum investment amounts. Many people have used the program to forge business connections because the application also extends to foreign spouses and children. (More about Turkish citizenship by real estate investment.)

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