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Why Invest In A Property In Fethiye

From luxury villas to modern apartments and duplex penthouses, if you are asking why buy property in Fethiye, there are many investment and lifestyle reasons. The region already makes a roaring trade[...]

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Is Buying Property in Turkey Risky for Foreigners?

Turkey, the land bridging Europe and Asia, extends beyond tourism to real estate investment, drawing the attention of both domestic and international buyers. Naturally, the first question for many[...]

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What to Ask Before Investing In A Property In Turkey

Knowing what to ask before investing in property in Turkey will save a lot of time and headaches and also ensure success in your endeavour. All successful investors who turn a profit know that making[...]

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11 Major Airports in Turkey for Domestic and International Travel

Whether you arrive for business or leisure, knowing about major airports in Turkey will help you plan and ensure smooth journeys. People who purchase holiday homes or live here year-round know all[...]

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Where do Brits Go in Turkey?

To know where Brits go in Turkey, we must look at past trends and current visitor stats. Whether just on holiday, buying a holiday home or retiring in Turkey, Brits are predictable in their[...]

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Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent Before Using them to Buy or Sell Property in Turkey

In Turkey, it is essential to have questions to ask a real estate agent before using them. Whether you are buying or selling property, every transaction carries substantial financial implications and[...]

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What Are The Most Luxurious Locations in Turkey?

When looking at the most luxurious area in Turkey, don't underestimate what is on offer. Turkey easily matches other luxury destinations, from real estate in Istanbul to mega yachts in the[...]

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What is the Best Advice for Buying a House in Turkey?

When considering advice for buying a house in Turkey, we have many tips for wise real estate investments to work in your favour. Whether you have questions about average prices, foreign investment[...]

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Why Buy Property in Turkey?

When answering the question "Why buy property in Turkey?" we can give many answers to curious foreign buyers. Real estate markets across Turkey attract people of many nationalities with[...]

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Excellent Reasons to Buy Property in Istanbul

Real estate investors asking for reasons to buy property in Istanbul should get prepared for a bountiful list. To be clear, Istanbul is Turkey's most prominent city, and the real estate market is[...]

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