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The New Turkish Citizenship by Investment Announcement

In an official statement via the Resmi Gazette, Turkey announced that it had raised the minimum entry threshold for its citizenship by real estate investment scheme from 250,000 USD to 400,000 USD.[...]

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Why Is The Tulip The Symbol Of Turkey?

Many first-time visitors are often surprised to learn that the humble but beautiful tulip flower is the symbol of Turkey. Usually associating tulips with Holland, they never realised the flower[...]

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Why Buy Property in Kemer – Antalya

There are many reasons for house-hunters in Turkey to buy property in Kemer, Antalya. This small upmarket resort town sits on Turkey's Mediterranean coast. Fronted by the Mediterranean Sea and[...]

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Why You Should Choose Turkey For Your Summer Holidays

The long list of reasons to choose Turkey for summer makes holidaymakers think twice when comparing the country to Spain or France. Traditionally, both countries attract millions of holidaymakers,[...]

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Turkish Garden Ideas For Your Apartment Or Villa

Just the suggestion of Turkish garden ideas raises eyebrows for some people. Foreigners have never associated Turkey with extensive, lush gardens of spreading green grass landscapes. Indeed, unless[...]

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Medical Tourism In Turkey Goes From Strength To Strength

As global COVID restrictions lift, recent newspaper reports say medical tourism in Turkey is going from strength to strength. Istanbul, Antalya and Ankara medical establishments are reporting rising[...]

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Guide To Antalya City Real Estate Market And Prime Property Locations

Without a doubt, the Antalya city centre real estate market ranks as a key performer when considering property for sale in Turkey. Sitting on Turkey's Mediterranean coast, Antalya city centre is[...]

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About Spring In Turkey And Ideal Places To Visit

Our team loves nothing more than Spring in Turkey. We are getting excited with just a few weeks until this season officially arrives. Of course, everyone talks about summer when temperatures reach[...]

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Is It A Good Time To Buy A House In Turkey?

Lately, we have received more enquiries via Google from people asking if it is a good time to buy a house in Turkey. We answer that it is always a good time if you look at mid to long term ownership.[...]

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Your Guide To Buying A Villa In Turkey

You may think buying a villa in Turkey involves much stress, paperwork, and time. Yet, it is easy. Sometimes foreign buyers feel nervous because they plan to spend a lot of money in a country where[...]

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