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How Long Can You Stay In Turkey If You Own Property?

Sometimes, when clients buy a home through us, they ask how long property ownership entitles them to stay in Turkey. However, homeownership and residency laws are two different things. You don'[...]

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How Much Money Do I Need To Live Comfortably In Turkey?

The question of how much money you need to live comfortably in Turkey will largely depend on where you choose to live, your current circumstances like whether you own property in the country or have[...]

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How Can I Get Turkish Citizenship From My Property?

A few clients, having heard about the Turkish citizenship by real estate investment scheme, asked us how they can get Turkish citizenship from their existing property. We understand the lure. From[...]

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What Is The Average House Price In Turkey?

Currently, the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey says the average house price in Turkey is 4,054 Turkish lira per square meter. This rising cost comes on the back of dramatic moves in the real[...]

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How Is the Real Estate Market In Turkey?

Regarding the state of the real estate market in Turkey, many say it is a wise property investment. The world's eyes now focus on Turkey, whose housing market in many areas is yet to establish[...]

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How Do I Move To Turkey Permanently? Expat Guide To Making It Happen

So, you want to know how to move to Turkey permanently. Well, we can understand the lure. It is a great country to live in. The weather climate, especially along the Aegean and Mediterranean coast,[...]

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Can I Get Turkish Citizenship by Buying A House?

As real estate agents, many foreign clients ask if they can get Turkish citizenship by buying a house. Our answer is yes, because Turkey has a program that allows buyers to invest in property for[...]

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Are Property Prices Falling In Turkey?

Eager real estate investors looking for countries with falling house values should know property prices are not falling in Turkey. According to the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, over the[...]

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Where Should I Live In Istanbul?

If you are wondering where should I live in Istanbul, get ready for a healthy choice of neighbourhoods. Beautiful Istanbul, a fantastic city with an intriguing cultural heritage, is the beating heart[...]

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What Is the Best City To Live In Turkey?

If you want to know the best city to live in Turkey, get ready for a wide variety of choices. Turkey is a diverse country. Some sites will list cities like Istanbul and Antalya, but other cities like[...]

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