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Why have Istanbul Property Prices risen so much?

Many of our clients have recently asked why Istanbul property prices have risen so much. This is an excellent question to ask. With prices rising as much as 50% in some districts compared to three[...]

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Best Hiking Trails in Turkey

The best hiking trails in Turkey collectively make up a stunning kaleidoscope of landscapes and beautiful scenery. From the Northeast Kackar mountains to the Mediterranean Lycian way, the hikes are[...]

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Where Can I Buy a Property in Turkey for Under $150,000?

Just let week, we had a client ask us, where can I buy property in Turkey for under $150,000? The good news is that despite rising prices, there are still many locations in Turkey where the property[...]

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Why Altintas in Antalya is Rising to Fame in the Real Estate Market

Over 12 months, Altintas in Antalya has risen to fame in real estate markets, and the future looks even more promising. Despite being the new kid on the bloke, Altintas easily captures the attention[...]

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Antalya in Autumn -City Guide and Things to Do

Antalya in Autumn is our favourite time of year. Regardless of where we go, we love Autumn. Stunning landscape colours and cooler temperatures easily lure us, but Antalya is our favoured destination[...]

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14 Fun Things to do in Altinkum and Didim – Turkey

For things to do in Altinkum and Didim, expect fun-filled holidays full of laughs and enjoyment. Altinkum's golden beaches are why most travellers come over, shed their inhibitions and stresses[...]

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Gorgeous Beaches in Fethiye – Turkey

When researching beaches in Fethiye, Turkey, do not underestimate your choices. This section of Turkey on the southern Mediterranean coast is a beach lovers paradise, from long stretches of sand to[...]

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About Autumn in Turkey and Where to Go

When looking at the four yearly seasons, we enjoy autumn in Turkey more than summer. This time of year is when temperatures cool down. Gone are the hot sweltering days when your only option is to lie[...]

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Excellent Reasons to Buy Property in Trabzon

If you want to know reasons to buy property in Trabzon, get ready to be impressed. Sitting in the Northeast of Turkey, Trabzon remained off the grid for many years regarding tourism and real estate.[...]

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Why the Bursa Property Market Attracts Foreign Buyers

When Turkey releases yearly house sales stats for foreigners, the Bursa property market consistently ranks as a top ten destination. Although Bursa is firmly engrained in Turkish history and culture[...]

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