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The Antalya region on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey has an international name for itself as a holiday destination but also expat haven. Whether you are looking for a cozy budget apartment or a luxury penthouse with panoramic Mediterranean water views, Antalya has it all..

At the turn of the century, no one imagined that Turkey would embark on a major project to promote itself as a cruise ship destination. Istanbul is still the number 1 destination for cruise ship passengers to see the former capital of both the Byzantine and Ottoman empires.

Turkey is an immense country, its land mass measures at 302,535 miles squared, and with immensity comes diversity, not only in its terrain but in its culture. You could spend years travelling the four corners of Turkey and still not experience everything that this great country has to offer.

Whether living temporarily or permanently in Turkey, an enticing lure for many people who have relocated to the country is the cost of living. Here we broke down the general cost of living in Turkey and how expenses and prices differ across the country.

Thousands of expats live in Turkey, either permanently or splitting their time with their countries of origin. Including Asians, Russians, Westerners, Eastern Europeans, and Middle Eastern nationalities. Find out more why here!

When it comes to eating out in Bodrum, the whole peninsula boasts of top-notch chefs, atmospheric restaurants, and delectable food with sensational tastes. Here at Turkey Homes, we visit traditional lokantas if we want a quick, basic meal but at night-time, love to sample other restaurants known for their individuality.

The European Youth Olympic Winter Festival of 2017 is well under way in Erzurum, a city in eastern Turkey renowned for its winter sports resorts. The six day celebration of winter games has brought Turkey to the forefront of winter tourism all over the world and has solidified the country’s position as a year round holiday destination.

For those looking to invest in Turkish property, there is a vast array of opportunities for investment in Fethiye. As the most popular district in the Mediterranean district of Muğla, the number of properties for sale in Fethiye is always on the rise and for good reason.

Fethiye has become well known for its delicious eateries. If you have joined us looking to invest in Fethiye apartments or you own a villa in Fethiye’s surrounding area, you will be very glad to know that every favourite traditional Turkish dish can be found in Fethiye.

Every year, millions of foreign travellers and holidaying Turks flock to seaside resorts on the Turkish Riviera. For those Turkish property investors here our Top 10 apartments and villas represent an alternative lifestyle that is within everyone’s reach.

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