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Best Way to Exchange Money in Turkey

When looking at the best ways to exchange money in Turkey, take delight that there are some fast ways to get the best rate. Gone are the days of tiresome travel cheques to get Turkish lira. These are[...]

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About Title Deeds in Turkey – The Turkish Tapu Explained

Every property buyer always has questions about title deeds in Turkey. Otherwise known as the Turkish tapu, title deeds are more important than bricks and mortar. This legal document proves that you[...]

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How to Open a Bank Account in Turkey

Any foreigner who wants to open a bank account in Turkey will be pleased to know that the process is easy. Turkish banking accommodates foreign ex-pats with various services and types of accounts.[...]

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What to Know Before Buying Property in Turkey

When buying property in Turkey, it helps to be knowledgeable. Knowing what to expect, your obligations, the seller’s obligations and how the property buying process will look, can calm even the[...]

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Uskudar Area Guide and Things to Do

The Uskudar area of Asian Istanbul is not as highly spoken of as other districts. Yet, for curious travelers and house hunters looking for an alternative social scene, Uskudar delivers much more than[...]

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Guide to the Beyoglu area of Istanbul Turkey

The Beyoglu area of Istanbul, Turkey, earns countrywide fame for modern vibes entwined with an intriguing historical background. Sitting in European Istanbul, next to the Golden Horn, Beyoglu[...]

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Guide to the Fatih Area of Istanbul

Ah, the delightful Fatih area of Istanbul, Turkey. This prominent district puts Istanbul city on the global map. Altogether 39 districts make Istanbul Turkey’s most important place for tourism[...]

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Guide to the Besiktas Area of Istanbul – Turkey

Welcome to the Besiktas area of Istanbul, Turkey. Besiktas's importance to the great city of Istanbul ranges from its football club to historical attractions to daily vibes attracting expats[...]

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Is Asian side of Istanbul worth Visiting?

Whenever our clients ask if Asian side of Istanbul is worth visiting, we always reply yes, without a doubt. For many decades, Istanbul locals and international travellers ignored Asian side of[...]

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Places to Visit from Istanbul – Day and Overnight Trips

The vast range of places to visit from Istanbul adds even more excitement and intrigue to Turkey's biggest and most prominent city. Whether you are looking for beaches, historical sites, or[...]

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