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The Earthquake Building Code in Turkey

The Earthquake building code in Turkey has come more into the limelight after last month’s devastating earthquake in Izmir. Homebuyers and owners, especially in Istanbul, where there is a[...]

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9 Istanbul Province Points of Interest for Lovers of Turkey

When looking at the Istanbul province points of interest, the list runs into hundreds that would take many months to explore. This isn’t a surprise, given it is Turkey’s most prominent[...]

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6 Popular Marmara Region Destinations of Turkey

Whether you are a traveller or house hunter, when looking at Marmara region destinations, expect to be wowed. We are talking about prominent and popular places not only in the north-west but[...]

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The Istanbul Property Market and Turkish Citizenship: What You Need to Know

If you are looking at the Istanbul property market to get Turkish citizenship, you are on the right track. The city, Turkey’s biggest and most prominent for business, education, tourism, health[...]

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How to Buy Property in Istanbul

If you are wondering how to buy property in Istanbul, the process is quick and easy. That is one aspect that attracts foreign buyers to Turkey because unlike other countries, buyers can become[...]

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Where to Buy Property in Istanbul

If you are already familiar with the city, you may know where to buy property in Istanbul, whether this is for work commitments or a holiday home. However, international investors and those looking[...]

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Interesting Facts About Istanbul That Will Make You Want to Visit the City

To list interesting facts about Istanbul would take a book. This is no surprise given its iconic status as Turkey’s most prominent city. From the urban infrastructure to food to history to[...]

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Istanbul in Winter: Where to Go and What to Do

To visit Istanbul in winter is to see an alternative face to Turkey’s biggest and most prominent city. Summer in the metropolis is fun but winter can be as well because there are significant[...]

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12 Fun Things to Do in Eminonu Istanbul

Anyone searching for things to do in Eminonu will be pleased at the wonderful attractions and places to go. Despite coming second on the tourism scene, to the Sultanahmet district, which holds the[...]

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The Colourful Houses of Istanbul: Bright Shades On A City Landscape

In among historical buildings and new, trendy skyscrapers, the colourful houses of Istanbul add another dimension to the city. For independent travellers who get off the beaten track to explore local[...]

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