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Places to Visit from Istanbul – Day and Overnight Trips

The vast range of places to visit from Istanbul adds even more excitement and intrigue to Turkey's biggest and most prominent city. Whether you are looking for beaches, historical sites, or[...]

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Why Is The Tulip The Symbol Of Turkey?

Many first-time visitors are often surprised to learn that the humble but beautiful tulip flower is the symbol of Turkey. Usually associating tulips with Holland, they never realised the flower[...]

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Medical Tourism In Turkey Goes From Strength To Strength

As global COVID restrictions lift, recent newspaper reports say medical tourism in Turkey is going from strength to strength. Istanbul, Antalya and Ankara medical establishments are reporting rising[...]

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Historical Places In Istanbul: Tourist Attractions Of Turkey's Iconic City

When deciding which historical places in Istanbul are the best to visit, get ready for an avalanche of choices. Covering the Asian and European sides, there is a historical story to tell on every[...]

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What Is The Most Expensive House In Turkey?

Finding out the most expensive house in Turkey is not straightforward because there is an unwritten rule in the real estate market. Sometimes owners of pricey mansions will not advertise how much[...]

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Ottoman Palaces To Visit In Istanbul That Portray Turkey's Colourful History

Istanbul's grand and beautiful Ottoman palaces are an excellent place to learn all about Turkey's colourful historical timeline. Visiting these beautiful, grand residences highlights how this[...]

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How Can I Get Turkish Citizenship From My Property?

A few clients, having heard about the Turkish citizenship by real estate investment scheme, asked us how they can get Turkish citizenship from their existing property. We understand the lure. From[...]

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Can I Get Turkish Citizenship by Buying A House?

As real estate agents, many foreign clients ask if they can get Turkish citizenship by buying a house. Our answer is yes, because Turkey has a program that allows buyers to invest in property for[...]

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Where Should I Live In Istanbul?

If you are wondering where should I live in Istanbul, get ready for a healthy choice of neighbourhoods. Beautiful Istanbul, a fantastic city with an intriguing cultural heritage, is the beating heart[...]

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The Eyup District in Istanbul: A Prime Spot for Property Buyers in Turkey

The Eyup district in Istanbul comes to the forefront as a famous outskirt district to buy a home. Eyup, also called Eyupsultan because of its historical importance, first operated as an individual[...]

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