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How to Receive Money in Turkey

There are a few good options when knowing how to receive money in Turkey. So you don't pay hefty bank transfer fees and get low exchange rates. Therefore, your decision is not about how to[...]

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Best Way to Exchange Money in Turkey

When looking at the best ways to exchange money in Turkey, take delight that there are some fast ways to get the best rate. Gone are the days of tiresome travel cheques to get Turkish lira. These are[...]

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How to Open a Bank Account in Turkey

Any foreigner who wants to open a bank account in Turkey will be pleased to know that the process is easy. Turkish banking accommodates foreign ex-pats with various services and types of accounts.[...]

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Turkish Garden Ideas For Your Apartment Or Villa

Just the suggestion of Turkish garden ideas raises eyebrows for some people. Foreigners have never associated Turkey with extensive, lush gardens of spreading green grass landscapes. Indeed, unless[...]

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Medical Tourism In Turkey Goes From Strength To Strength

As global COVID restrictions lift, recent newspaper reports say medical tourism in Turkey is going from strength to strength. Istanbul, Antalya and Ankara medical establishments are reporting rising[...]

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Is Trabzon A Good Place To Live? Expats In Turkey Series

Personally, our opinion is that Trabzon is a good place to live. Sitting in North-Eastern Turkey next to the famous tea making province of Rize, the town and region became high profile in recent[...]

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Is Didim A Nice Place To Live? Expats In Turkey Series

So, if you are asking is Didim a nice place to live, you are obviously thinking of moving to Turkey, either for an extended period or permanently. When customers ask us if a place is a nice place to[...]

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Why Yacht Building Companies In Turkey Are Making The World Take Notice

When many business sectors around the world suffered thanks to the COVID crisis, one industry in Turkey grew in strength. Indeed, yacht building in Turkey has been growing steadily over the last[...]

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Why Buy Property In Dalyan - 8 Reasons To Choose This Destination In Turkey

If you are thinking of buying property in Dalyan, rest assured that you are on the right track. Sitting on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, this stunningly beautiful area presents many[...]

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How Much Money Do I Need To Live Comfortably In Turkey?

The question of how much money you need to live comfortably in Turkey will largely depend on where you choose to live, your current circumstances like whether you own property in the country or have[...]

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