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Excellent Reasons to Buy Property in Trabzon

If you want to know reasons to buy property in Trabzon, get ready to be impressed. Sitting in the Northeast of Turkey, Trabzon remained off the grid for many years regarding tourism and real estate.[...]

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The Best Things to Do in Trabzon Turkey

As a local expert, we have you covered with our extensive knowledge of things to do in Trabzon- Turkey. Sitting in Turkey's Northeast, the name Trabzon refers to the beautiful city, but the[...]

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Is Trabzon A Good Place To Live? Expats In Turkey Series

Personally, our opinion is that Trabzon is a good place to live. Sitting in North-Eastern Turkey next to the famous tea making province of Rize, the town and region became high profile in recent[...]

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Trabzon and Rize: Touring the North East Black Sea of Turkey

When it comes to travel trends in Turkey, Trabzon and Rize peak at the top of the list. Having risen in popularity among Turks, more foreign travellers now seek to get off the beaten track and[...]

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Why Visit Uzungol Lake in Trabzon

Uzungol Lake in Trabzon is a stunning place of natural beauty. Turkey has many such places, but Uzungol stands in a league of its own.  Such is the popularity, tour shops in Trabzon City sell[...]

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Why Property in Trabzon Attracts Buyers from All Over the World

In the world of international real estate, property in Trabzon is the rising star. Once a neglected destination with a stagnant housing market, it has risen the ranks to become one of the most[...]

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A Trabzon Travel Guide for First Time Visitors

Any useful Trabzon travel guides should first start with emphasising its uniqueness. Trabzon is hundreds of miles away from time-honoured tourist resorts, yet over the last decade has grown in[...]

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Sumela Monastery: A Hidden Gem of Trabzon

Out of all the historical sites in Turkey, the 4th century Sumela Monastery stands in a league of its own. Clinging to a cliff facing the Macka National Park in the northeast, western mainstream[...]

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Is Trabzon the Rising Star of Turkey’s Tourism Scene?

For many years, mainstream, and foreign travel publications ignored the Trabzon province in northeast Turkey. Foreigners instead flocked to Istanbul, the biggest and most populated city in the[...]

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