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Advice on Buying Property in Turkey

Making the decision to buy property in Turkey is an important life event. Obviously, no one does it on a whim. A fleeting idea of making a lucrative investment or a strong desire to explore the world lays root to the property buying process in Turkey that for first timers can seem daunting.

While you may already be familiar with buying property in your home country, the process in Turkey is completely different so as well as finding your dream home, you also need to learn how the real estate market and laws work here.

As a prominent member of the Turkish real estate market, we are NOT a “hit and run” type of estate agent. At Turkey Homes, we give advice, walk all our customers through the process, and where possible, handle the legalities and niggly details. At the same time, though, we understand that you want to feel in control of your purchase, so this series of articles provides you with everything you need to know.

Including advice for research, organizing your finances and choosing your property, we have also listed after sales information such as yearly running costs and tax laws. We continue to provide our services and advice long after your purchase so you can manage it effectively and enjoy it in the years to come.

Our first bit of advice to you is that the most important aspect of your future purchase is research. The more research you do, the more you will feel informed and in control, therefore leading to satisfaction and peace of mind that you have chosen the right property for yourself.

We suggest that you purchase a notebook specifically for this key life event. Within it, make notes, jot down ideas, record thoughts, and list questions to ask us. This journal will contain everything about your property purchase so you can also refer back to it in later years, should you wish to sell your home.

As well as using the notebook, open a new folder on your desktop or bookmark tab, to save web pages of potential properties and the following articles that will explain the process in depth. Also, open a new folder within your email admin panel to keep all correspondence about your property purchase in one place.

So, let’s get started. We’ve separated the research into different sections so you can flip in between them as you choose, but if you are a first-time buyer in Turkey, we recommend that you read all the articles.


Advice on Buying Property in Turkey


1: Organizing Finances, Turkish Mortgages & Currency Exchange

2: Cost of Buying Property in Turkey

3: Best Places to Buy Property in Turkey

4: Advice on Choosing your Property and our Responsibilities

5: Process to Buy Property in Turkey

6: Annual Running Costs

7: Moving to Turkey, Cost of Living and Residency

8: Renting out your Turkish property

9: Inheritance Laws and Wills

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