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Cost of Buying Property in Turkey

As well as a budget for the actual price of the property, set aside money for purchase costs, including a lawyer, notary, taxes, and relevant fees. Service charges, such as lawyers and translators, can vary depending on which company you choose to work with. Other official costs are also set in Turkish lira, and the amount in your home country's currency will change according to exchange rates at that time. So the below are approximate costs, but generally, you should work on roughly 8.0% to cover all fees and charges. Please note as of the 1st of January 2020, the title deed transfer tax is 4%.

Cost of Buying Property in Turkey

Lawyer: Prices vary depending on which lawyer you choose to work with. If you need to find an attorney proficient in buying property in Turkey, this list from the UK government will help.

Translation services: Some translators charge by the hour, while others offer a set package specifically for property purchases. Please note that translators in Turkey must be officially registered and licensed. Notary offices in each district have a list of licensed translators; alternatively, we can recommend one.

Our Fee: 2% of the purchase price

Transfer Deeds Tax: It is 4%.

Tapu Registration (Title Deeds):  $100.00

Notary Fees: $350.00

DASK Insurance: This compulsory earthquake insurance is needed when signing your title deeds. The cost depends on the square meterage of your property. DASK for a two-bedroom apartment measuring 70 square metres is roughly USD $40-45 equivalent in Turkish Lira annually.

Let’s Look at an Example

The following illustrates the one-off costs of purchasing property in Turkey. The figures noted here are representative of a property sale of $100,000. All figures are quoted in USD.

  • Purchase Tax                4,000 

  • Buyers Fee                    2,000

  • Solicitors Fee                2,000* (* Generally between $2,000 - $2,500 for standard conveyancing services. Turkey Homes can recommend independent lawyers in each region ) 

  • Notary Fee                    300

  • Gas & Electricity           200

  • Total                              $8,500


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