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Data Processing and Security Policy

Turkey Homes (“we, our”) adheres to legal requirements as to how your data is stored, used and managed. The following is an overview of our use of your personal data that we need to communicate or fulfil our obligations.

This policy is intended to provide you with full details including why we use your data, what we do with it, and how to amend or withdraw your consent. This policy does not apply to any third party or social media websites, which you may visit from a link on this website.

GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation

The GDPR is a European Union Regulation that came into effect on the 25th of May 2018. It is intended to run alongside the UK Data Protection Act of 1998 and gives EU residents full control of their personal data.

Our obligations under this regulation are as follows.

Consent and Transparency: To only collect personal data with your permission and to be 100% transparent as to what, how, and why we collect your data. To also inform you within 72 hours if that data has been compromised.

Purpose and Accuracy: To only use your data for specified reasons and not to process it in any other manner as initially disclosed. This includes marketing, in-house research, and further communication. We will keep our records up to date and erase or amend when required by all parties.

Minimisation and Fairness: To only collect data that is needed for a purpose. We will not collect data that isn’t required for us to fulfil our original obligations.

Confidentiality and Accountability: We will protect your privacy and rights and implement measures to ensure this happens. All employees of Turkey Homes that have access to your personal data and the obligations surrounding it will be accountable for the adherence process.

Information That We Collect, Store and Use

Cookies: Turkey Homes use cookies, which are small files that are saved to your computer’s hard drive. If you are a first-time visitor to our website, request for these cookies is shown at the top of the page. Cookies record how you use this website and are intended to improve your browsing experience. If you wish to deny them access, this can be done using the security settings on your web browser.

Analytics: Turkey Homes uses a third-party software called Google Analytics to track our website traffic, so that we provide information that fulfils our obligations as a real estate company. They also use cookies, which will store information such as your IP address, location, web browser, actions, time spent on the site, and date. To find out how and why they use this information, please refer to their privacy policy. Alternatively, to opt out of Google Analytics tracking, please use their official opt-out browser.

Email Newsletters: Turkey Homes uses email newsletters for marketing purposes. Anyone wishing to receive these newsletters will register of their own accord with an email address, of which the details will be kept private. Turkey Homes will not pass personal data onto other companies or third parties unless legally required to do so by law.

Our email marketing campaigns contain tracking software, and data is stored for future analysis. This data will include activity such as replies, forwarding, further reading on links within the email, times and dates. Users who wish to opt out of these emails can do so, by using the unsubscribe button listed in the footer of the email, or by emailing us using our contact page.

Social Media: Turkey Homes also interact with website users on third-party social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook. Please refer to their terms and conditions listed on their website as well as privacy policies. Turkey Homes will never ask for personal details while using third-party websites.

At the same time, Turkey Homes website uses social media sharing and like buttons, which website readers may use them at their own discretion. The relevant software will also track and save details of a user’s request to like or share website pages.

Enquiry Forms: Within each property listing is the function for website users to request more information via telephone or email. If you opt to use the latter, Turkey Homes will keep your details including name, phone, and email address private, unless required to disclose by law.

Comments Policy: Within specific pages of this website, users are invited to leave a comment. The system used to approve, and moderate comments is Disqus, a third party that will track and store details of your activity on this and other websites. See details of their privacy policy and how to opt out here.

Withdrawing Consent or Accessing and Correcting Information

We will only store your data when necessary. Should the requirements or original purpose lapse or dissolve, we will erase that data unless legally required to do otherwise. At any given time, you can contact us for full disclosure of the information we hold about you, or request amendments. You can also request for your data to be erased. Should you wish to do any of these, please contact Tolga Ertukel, using any of the methods listed here.

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