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Property Buying Process in Turkey


You’ve chosen your property, have your finances ready and are eager to jump into the Turkish real estate market so what happens next. We will double check at this point, that the seller's paperwork is 100% up to date. This means checking the title deeds match details at the land registry office, the property is debt free, and also has an Iskan (habitation certificate).

Some sellers are open to offers in which case, we will convey your offer to them. Otherwise, we inform the agent that you are purchasing and begin the process. We can recommend a list of independent lawyers and translators, or you can source your own. Once contracts detailing terms and conditions as well as payment plans have been drawn up and notarized, a deposit to secure the property will be needed, and we will file your military check application.

What is a Military Check?

This is now abolished. Foreign investors now has the same rights as a local Turkish buyer.

Registering your Tapu

Since there is no military process requirements, it is time to sign for your Tapu that is the title deeds. If you are unable to be in the country for this process, you can appoint a solicitor or third party to sign on your behalf. At the time of signing, proof of DASK insurance is needed. This is simply earthquake insurance that you will renew on a yearly basis.

Once you have received your title deeds, we can then assist you to change utilities into your name including electricity, and water. Also, go furniture shopping if you have purchased a brand new home or have a party to celebrate your new life in the sun.

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