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Why Luxury Bodrum Leads the Turkish Holiday Market

Sitting on Turkey's Aegean coast, luxury Bodrum dominates the Turkish holiday market, and the region shows no sign of letting go. Specialising in high-end travel, Bodrum excels in everything[...]

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The Bodrum Peninsula: Area Guide and Information

Tourists love the coastal Bodrum peninsula sitting in Western Turkey. Fronting the Aegean Sea, this cosmopolitan destination has much to boast about. Most travellers recognise whitewashed houses[...]

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The Best Aegean Region Cities: Showcasing Western Turkey

When it comes to bustling metropolises, Turkey is full of them, mainly because of the country’s large size. However, Aegean region cities, despite their low-key reputation, each offer something[...]

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The Mega Yacht Fanbase of Bodrum Turkey: Living the Glitzy lifestyle

If reports are accurate, Turkey’s Aegean Bodrum peninsula is growing in popularity with huge mega yachts of this world. A recent report by Forbes said so far in 2020, the number of superyachts[...]

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Why Visit Yalikavak

If you are thinking to visit Yalikavak, prepare to be wowed. Sitting on the Aegean Bodrum peninsula, the town has risen the ranks from a small, traditional fishing village to a jet setting[...]

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Best Places to Buy Property in Bodrum

If you are wondering where to buy property in Bodrum, we have the low-down on the top three destinations. The Bodrum peninsula, sitting on Turkey’s Aegean coast, throws out such a diversity of[...]

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5 of the Best Beaches on the Bodrum Peninsula for Summer Holidays

Just imagine the gorgeous surprises that await anyone looking for the best beaches on the Bodrum peninsula. If you are unsure of what to expect, know that it is one of Turkey’s top summer[...]

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Bodrum in Turkey: The Country’s Top Leisure Destination

Fronting the Aegean Sea and facing Greece’s Dodecanese Islands, Bodrum in Turkey commands respect for its self-indulgent, pleasure-seeking lifestyle. Its reputation since the 1960s has[...]

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11 Reasons To Visit Bodrum In Aegean Turkey

If you need good reasons to visit Bodrum, here is an overwhelming list. As one of Turkey’s top tourist destinations, the reputation of the large peninsula covering a significant part of the[...]

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Districts of Bodrum For Potential House Buyers

For house buyers in Turkey, certain districts of Bodrum are emerging as active players in the country’s real estate market. Sitting on the western Aegean coast, the Bodrum peninsula has for[...]

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