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Excellent Reasons to Buy Property in Trabzon

If you want to know reasons to buy property in Trabzon, get ready to be impressed. Sitting in the Northeast of Turkey, Trabzon remained off the grid for many years regarding tourism and real estate.[...]

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Why the Bursa Property Market Attracts Foreign Buyers

When Turkey releases yearly house sales stats for foreigners, the Bursa property market consistently ranks as a top ten destination. Although Bursa is firmly engrained in Turkish history and culture[...]

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Joint Ownership of Property in Turkey

When considering joint ownership of property in Turkey, house owners are assured of a water-tight process that protects buyers. These days, buying a home in Turkey is a global lure, as seen in recent[...]

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About Title Deeds in Turkey – The Turkish Tapu Explained

Every property buyer always has questions about title deeds in Turkey. Otherwise known as the Turkish tapu, title deeds are more important than bricks and mortar. This legal document proves that you[...]

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What to Know Before Buying Property in Turkey

When buying property in Turkey, it helps to be knowledgeable. Knowing what to expect, your obligations, the seller’s obligations and how the property buying process will look, can calm even the[...]

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About DASK Insurance in Turkey

DASK Insurance in Turkey is an earthquake insurance policy that covers householders in the event of an earthquake. Large earthquakes that cause significant damage in Turkey are rare, but the[...]

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Build Your Custom Home in Fethiye with Turkey Homes

The beautiful Fethiye region is ideal for designing and building your own custom home in Turkey. Sitting on Turkey’s southern coast, the area features beautiful landscape views, including the[...]

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The New Turkish Citizenship by Investment Announcement

In an official statement via the Resmi Gazette, Turkey announced that it had raised the minimum entry threshold for its citizenship by real estate investment scheme from 250,000 USD to 400,000 USD.[...]

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Why Buy Property in Kemer – Antalya

There are many reasons for house-hunters in Turkey to buy property in Kemer, Antalya. This small upmarket resort town sits on Turkey's Mediterranean coast. Fronted by the Mediterranean Sea and[...]

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Guide To Antalya City Real Estate Market And Prime Property Locations

Without a doubt, the Antalya city centre real estate market ranks as a key performer when considering property for sale in Turkey. Sitting on Turkey's Mediterranean coast, Antalya city centre is[...]

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