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Following a tourism summit in May between Black Sea region delegates and representatives from Middle Eastern countries, Turkish Airlines, the country’s national carrier announced new summer routes between the principal cities of Doha, Riyadh, Jeddah, Medina, Al Qassim, Taif and Beirut to Trabzon.

Most first-time visitors to Turkey leave the country with a heartfelt longing to return. Here, we’ve prepared our top advice and handy guide about things to know when visiting Turkey for the first time.

Izmir Peninsula includes the main city centre and a splattering of scenic coastal resorts. It is the third largest metropolis in Turkey. The visitors to Izmir enjoy meeting the locals while touring the attractions and main sites.

The small holiday resort of Belek on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey is massively underrated. Belek has Turkey’s largest private sports arena and the latest news is one tournament of the ATP World Tour 2017, but also famous for its sandy beaches and many more..

Ecotourism in Turkey

05 May 2017 posted in Travel

Ecotourism in Turkey is on the rise as the country has vast areas of unspoilt natural beauty versus destinations that are close to being overrun by tourism. Discover the nature! Discover Turkey!

Alanya, a bustling coastal resort of the Turkey, has a hard-core army of fans who flock there every year for relaxing and happy holidays. Here we have selected all the best beaches Alanya has to offer.

Already in the last 3 years, Turkey has seen an increasing numbers of patients from mainly GCC countries, Iran, Azerbaijan, Iraq and number of European countries visiting Turkey. It is not all about the luxury hospitals and value for money what Turkey’s hospitals offer these days.

At the turn of the century, no one imagined that Turkey would embark on a major project to promote itself as a cruise ship destination. Istanbul is still the number 1 destination for cruise ship passengers to see the former capital of both the Byzantine and Ottoman empires.

Turkey is an immense country, its land mass measures at 302,535 miles squared, and with immensity comes diversity, not only in its terrain but in its culture. You could spend years travelling the four corners of Turkey and still not experience everything that this great country has to offer.

The European Youth Olympic Winter Festival of 2017 is well under way in Erzurum, a city in eastern Turkey renowned for its winter sports resorts. The six day celebration of winter games has brought Turkey to the forefront of winter tourism all over the world and has solidified the country’s position as a year round holiday destination.

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