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BLOG Are The Beaches in Fethiye Nice? – Yes, and Here is the Proof

18 June 2024 / Travel

Are The Beaches in Fethiye Nice?

If you are asking if the beaches in Fethiye are nice, you have obviously not visited yet. Whether you plan to go or are enquiring whether visiting is worth your time, know that Fethiye beaches are some of Turkey's best. Although travel magazines rave about the Antalya region of Turkey for seashore delights, we believe Fethiye matches this reputation. Please don't take our word for it either because, during summer, thousands of Turks and foreigners flock to enjoy the natural beauty of Fethiye's beaches.

Surrounded by green forests of the Taurus Mountain range, western-facing coastal areas often host breathtaking sunsets. Some offer adventure, while others connect with nature thanks to remote, unbuilt locations. Some play host to nearby ruins, while the enchanting beauty of others is the perfect Instagram post. Whether sticking to the mainland or exploring secluded islands, the seaside town of Fethiye and surrounding areas won't disappoint.

Such is their stellar reputation, they also host tourists from around the world, and attract property buyers who want that seaside lifestyle in a charming town. So, what are the best beaches? For this article, we look at the whole of the Fethiye region and not just the city centre. Don't worry, though, because getting around them is done quickly by car, bus, or boat.

Delight of the Beaches in Fethiye

Blue Lagoon Fethiye

How Many Blue Flag Beaches in Fethiye?

Blue Flag coastal spots are an internationally recognised eco-label awarded by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). This certification signifies that the coastal region meets high standards for water quality, pristine environment management, safety, and services, and it gauges the excellence of the water's edge. Blue Flag programs promote sustainable development in freshwater and marine areas through stringent criteria.

Environmental Education and Information: Information about the Blue Flag program must be displayed, including environmental education activities and current results on water quality for swimming. The sign should talk about local ecosystems, natural spots, and ecological phenomena, as well as a code of conduct for visitors to the seaside area to adhere to. The coastline must not suffer from industrial, wastewater, or sewage-related discharges. Algal vegetation or other natural debris should be left unless it becomes a nuisance.

Other Aspects: An established coastal region management committee will keep seaside areas clean, with adequate waste disposal facilities, including recycling bins. Sustainable means of transportation must be promoted. Appropriate public safety control measures, along with sufficient lifeguards and/or lifesaving equipment like first aid equipment and emergency plans, should also be in place to cope with pollution risks. Lastly, the water's edge must be disabled-friendly, with rules concerning pets and within a short distance of clean drinking water.

Currently, Fethiye has 12 Blue Flag beaches, including Büyük Samanlık Plajı, Göcek D Resort, Club Tuana, Akra Fethiye Sensatori, Hillside Beach Club, Lykia Botanika, Hotel Meri, Kumburnu public beach, Suncity Club, Liberty Hotels Lykia, Sugar Club, Green Pine Bungalows, and Belceğiz Halk Plajı.

Belcekiz Beach in Oludeniz

When arriving at Oludeniz Beach Resort, the main stretch leads to Belcekiz. Not to be confused with the Blue Lagoon, this is the long stretch of sand and promenade fronting Oludeniz resort. Also called Oludeniz Beach, there is no harbour because the coastal region is protected by law. So, the daily boat trip sellers pull up to the shoreline instead.

They depart early in the morning to explore coves further afield, while beachgoers enjoy the luxury of backing bars, which serve snacks and drinks at night by day because they are the ideal place to dine and enjoy entertainment. This famous coastline with soft sands is also where paragliders come from Babadag mountain to land. Expect calm waters and crystal clear water for fantastic days.

Kumburnu Beach and The Blue Lagoon in Oludeniz

Grab a chair and prepare for unforgettable days at Turkey's most stunning beach. The bird's eye view often appears in travel magazines, and there is an entrance fee to pay, but for family fun days, the famous blue lagoon beach delights and surprises simultaneously.

The warm waters and white sand are the crown jewels of Oludeniz. Still, unfortunately for those looking at seaside property, the lack of supply forces them to go to nearby Hisaronu and Ovacik instead. It gets crowded during summer, but people enjoy rejuvenating experiences and the best Turquoise waters. The Blue Lagoon also sits near Kumburnu, which marks the entrance to Oludeniz Natural Park.

Kabak Bay Fethiye

Kabak Beach to Escape Crowds

The one downside to the 200-metre Kabak seashore, surrounded by pine trees, is walking down steep steps to get there, but other than that, this is about peace, quiet, and relaxation. Sitting in Kabak Bay, the secluded coastline isn't home to calm waters, so watch the children. This secret for overnight camping keeps the crowds away while nearby B&B hotels offer breakfast.

If visiting for the day, drive for around 40 minutes from the beautiful town centre of Oludeniz. During summer, buses run from Fethiye town to Kabak Koyu, which sits in the Faralya district. Such is the secluded status; you won't be able to rent sunbeds or umbrellas, so take along your own.

The Water's Edge at Gemiler

Gemiler's peaceful, shingle beach, flanked by pine forests and olive trees, offers clear and shallow water for snorkelling and swimming. This scenic spot, perfect for general relaxation and soaking up summer rays, looks across to the ancient ruins of St Nicholas Island, and nearby restaurants serve fresh meze for lunchtime treats. Some people arrive on boat trips, which tour other nearby islands. Gemiler promotes adventure as sights of lush greenery loom in the background. It has more rustic vibes, unlike those of a posh and private beach, which makes it unique.

Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley ( Kelebekler Vadisi)

Now, we come to a remote seashore that will blow your mind. It isn't so much water's edge that wins favour with people. Indeed, it is small and mostly made of shingle and stone; hence, take beach shoes. Yet, when arriving by the picturesque boat ride, come around the mountainside to see Butterfly Valley stretching between two other mountains. The lush green valley is aptly named because of the colourful butterflies and breeding season.

Still, this place is firmly about keeping in touch with nature. Accommodation facilities are essential only, and only one seashore restaurant serves food at certain times. There are no water activities, but some arrive with snorkelling gear because the clear waters reveal interesting underwater life. Butterfly Valley is one of Fethiye's best beaches despite the lack of golden sands, simply for other world vibes.

Çalış Beach Holidays on The Mediterranean Coast

Çalış Beach is one of our most popular areas for those buying coastal property, and there are many reasons why it stands out. Sitting on the edge of Fethiye town centre, Calis resort town was initially built to cope with the overspill of tourism from Fethiye town centre. However, as more people arrived, they realised the beauty of the sandy coastline, and the development of infrastructure and restaurants serving food further boosted its profile.

These days, the golden sands of Calis attract many people to live there. The convenient location offers picturesque banana boat rides, seaside bars, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and a pristine environment. Indeed, the coastal town is one of Fethiye's most popular spots.

Blue Waters at Katranci Bay Nature Park

Sitting 16 kilometres from Fethiye city centre, Katranci Bay earns as much fame as a place to camp and experience sandy delights. During the height of summer, the park attracts local Turks, who combine their outing with summer picnics. There is a small entrance fee, and the bay is separated into three parts, depending on whether you plan to camp or visit for the day. Make camping reservations in advance and enjoy this cosy spot with excellent public facilities and beautiful coves that promote calm environments among pine tree forests.

Pristine Environments at Kuleli Beach Club

Some say the entrance fee is pricey, but once you see the facilities at Kuleli Bay, you realise the value of the money. One handy aspect we like is that you buy a card and load it up with cash when entering. Then, the card is used to pay for extras like restaurant meals and water sports activities rather than carrying money around. Kuleli club is loved by Turkish families because it is separated into three main areas following the halal concept: one for women, one for men, and one for families.

Further Afield - Patara Beach

The Fethiye beaches are ample enough; however, head 1 hour down the coast to Patara to explore. As one of Turkey's most stunning beaches on the Mediterranean coast, Patara stretches as far as the eye can see and holds the crown as Turkey's longest beach. The silent beach has so much space that being cramped on sun loungers doesn't happen. If you do want to stay overnight, there are accommodation facilities in the nearby village.

While at Patara, visit the ancient city of the same name, which belonged to the the Lycian league, a forward-thinking governing body of the Lycian civilisation that once ruled these shores. There is an entry fee to the Lycian ruins, but with the long stretch of sand, Patara makes for an excellent day trip.

The one downside is that getting there by bus is a long journey because there are no direct schedules. So, hire a car or head to travel shops to sign up for their excursions. A trip to Patara can be combined with nearby Kaputas Beach, another highly photographed stretch of sand.

More About Seaside Areas in Fethiye

Seafront property in Fethiye in Turkey: Many people dream of a house on the beach, and in Turkey, it can become a reality without breaking the bank. Turkish seafront property is always an excellent investment choice, from your budget apartments to the more luxurious ones. Find out more by browsing our listing, or call us today and find out what are the nicest beaches in Fethiye to buy property near.

Sailing in Fethiye: Nestled along the stunning coastline of southwestern Turkey, Fethiye is a sailing hotspot. This is an added bonus for anyone looking at the Fethiye property market. This picturesque harbour town on the magnificent Turkish Riviera boasts azure waters, idyllic beaches, and a rich cultural history. So, the prime position on the southern Mediterranean coast of Turkey, twinned with the perfect weather climate, makes Fethiye one of the world's best sailing destinations.

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