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BLOG From Oludeniz to Babadag Mountain for Breath-taking Views

20 May 2023 / Lifestyle

Stunning Oludeniz Views

Babadag Mountain in southwestern Turkey offers unparalleled experiences for adventure-seekers and nature enthusiasts. It is a must-visit for anyone travelling to Turkey's Fethiye and Oludeniz regions. With an ancient history, diverse flora, and world-class paragliding opportunities, Babadag lures everyone regardless of their interest yet still maintains that secret, majestic ambience you would expect from a towering mountain. Whether you hike the mountain's trails, dine in restaurants, or admire breathtaking views from the Babadag cable car, expect unique experiences from this part of Turkey.

                                              All About Babadag Mountain in Fethiye - Turkey

Location, Geography and History

Babadag Mountain, also known as Mount Anticragus in ancient times, is part of the Taurus range that stretches across southern Turkey. The mountain with two prominent peaks sits near the town of Fethiye and the famous Oludeniz beach. The highest peak reaches 1,969 meters above sea level. In contrast, the second peak, "Karatepe," stands at 1,400 meters.

Babadag's history dates from ancient Lycia, with several ancient cities, such as Carmylessus and Pinara, located at its base. During these times, the mountain was known as Mount Cragus. The rugged mountains were believed to be the residence of the goddess Diana. One can only wonder of the untold stories of old that took place on Babadag mountain in history.

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Babadag Cable Car Ride From Oludeniz

The Babadag cable car ride from Oludeniz is famous because the ride offers convenient and enjoyable ways to reach the mountain's summit from Oludeniz. This station is located on the main road of Oludeniz at an altitude of 226 meters. The cable car ticket purchase, information and administrative offices are also located at this station, and this is where you board the cable car.

The Babadag cable car journey takes passengers from Oludeniz to the first stop at 1200 meters and the second at 1700 meters. From there, an additional lift takes visitors to the top, offering unique perspectives of Oludeniz and the Turquoise Coast. With various viewing platforms and restaurants available at different levels, the Babadag cable car experience from Oludeniz is nothing short of amazing. The 1969-metre ride takes approximately 7 minutes.

Sky Walk Price and Duration

The round-trip ticket price for the Babadag cable car from Oludeniz costs around 225 lira per person, including the chair lift ride. This is May 2023, but always check the official Oludeniz website for the current ticket price and details. Purchase your tickets from the main ticket office in Oludeniz or any of the tour suppliers.

Babadag cable car takes approximately 16 minutes from Oludeniz, with an additional 5 minutes for the chair lift journey. The hour round-trip will be longer if you stop for food or drink at the mountain's restaurants, which we recommend you do. Working hours vary throughout the year depending on weather conditions, and the peak season is July to September during summer with busy crowds.

Accessibility and Getting There

Wheelchair users can access the Babadag cable car up to the 1700-meter station, and people using the car parking lot can use the central station shuttle bus. However, suppose you don't want the paragliding experience. In that case, tour companies sell transport-only bus options to take you right to the entrance. The downside to getting the local bus is they only drop off at the car park; hence you still need to walk. Therefore, booking a transport bus with local tour companies in Oludeniz is the best option.

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Stunning Restaurant Views at Babadag

Babadag Mountain offers several restaurant options at an extra cost. At 1200 meters, guests dine at a table in the Anatolian Restaurant, while the 1700-meter level boasts a Grill restaurant & Wine Bar. Two additional restaurant options, the Burger House at 1800 meters and the Tapas & Taco Bar at 1900 meters, are also open. From the wine bar to simple tacos, each restaurant is a great place for different culinary experiences and spectacular views of the surrounding landscape. Use the official website to reserve a table in advance.

Paragliding in Babadag Mountain: An Unforgettable Adventure

Paragliding in Babadag has gained global recognition as one of the top paragliding destinations in Turkey. Combined weather conditions, top-notch equipment, and experienced pilots make Babadag ideal for paragliding enthusiasts but, most importantly, beginners who want the experience of a pilot for a once-in-a-lifetime ride.

The history of paragliding in Babadag Mountain dates back to the early 1990s. The first recorded tandem paragliding flight took place in 1992. Over the years, paragliding in Babadag Mountain has evolved to offer even more thrilling experiences.  The paragliding season in Babadag typically begins in April and lasts until November. The high season, when the weather conditions are most favourable, falls between June and September.

Paragliding in Babadag Mountain is available throughout the day, allowing you to choose the time that best suits your preferences. Morning flights offer stable paragliding rides and fantastic photo opportunities, while midday flights are ideal for long flights. Late afternoon flights provide beautiful sunset glows, but be aware that most people say the skies may be hazier at this time.

To ensure your paragliding adventure, book at least three days in advance. Then, make reservations online or directly at the paragliding office in Oludeniz. Keep in mind that paragliding is weather-dependent.

When paragliding in Babadag Mountain, wear comfortable, sporty attire, closed-toe shoes, and sunglasses to shield your eyes from the sun. Several reputable paragliding companies operate in Babadag, offering top-of-the-line equipment and experienced pilots. They include Reaction Paragliding, Fly Oludeniz, SkySports, Gravity Paragliding, and Skywalkers.

When selecting a paragliding company in Babadag, consider the quality of their equipment, the experience of their pilots, and the company's safety record. Once you arrive at the paragliding office, check in and complete any necessary paperwork. Upon arrival at Babadag, pilots help everyone to gear up and provide safety briefings.

Your flight will last approximately 25 minutes. After your exhilarating paragliding experience, tell friends and family to head to Oludeniz Beach to watch you land. Then head back to the office to watch and purchase photos and videos of your flight. Budget extra for these keepsakes, as they often aren't included in flight prices.

Your pilot's experience and expertise are crucial to a safe and enjoyable paragliding flight. Ensure you're using suitable top-quality equipment provided by your chosen paragliding company. Weather plays a significant role in enjoying your paragliding flight, and the price varies depending on the time of year and company. Typically, paragliding flight prices include transportation, entrance fees, health insurance, professional pilot, and equipment.

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Hiking and Camping Opportunities

For those who prefer to walk Babadag, a 13-kilometre hiking path leads from Oludeniz beach to the mountain's summit. Mountain walking here offers fantastic opportunities to witness the diverse flora and fauna of Oludeniz and Babadag. The best time to hike Babadag is between April and June or September and November to avoid bad weather conditions in summer and winter. To combine activities, hike your way up in the morning and then go paragliding down.

While camping is allowed on Babadag, exercise caution and avoid starting fires. An alternative overnight stay option is the hut near the fire watch station at the mountain's peak. This shelter provides basic accommodations for hikers looking to extend their Babadag adventure.

In addition to paragliding, hiking, and dining, Babadag Mountain also offers various other activities. The ancient Lycian Road that winds around the mountain provides glimpses into the region's historical significance. At the same time, rare orchids and cedar forests offer unique opportunities for nature enthusiasts to explore. Visitors to Babadag can also witness stunning sunsets over the Turquoise Coast.

Tips for Visiting Babadag in Turkey

1: Check the weather before embarking on outdoor activities, as they change rapidly.

2: Dress in layers, as temperatures vary significantly between the mountain's base and summit.

3: Make reservations for dining at the mountain's restaurants during peak season, especially if you visit during sunset.

4: Only use designated paths to protect the mountain's fragile ecosystem.

5: Be prepared to encounter construction or temporary closures as Babadag continues to develop facilities and attractions.

The Blue Lagoon of Oludeniz Beach

While you are in Oludeniz for the cable car ride, do check out the Blue Lagoon, the most photographed beach in Turkey. The Blue Lagoon of Oludeniz is perfect for swimming, snorkelling, and other water activities. In addition, the beach area features some restaurants serving snacks and drinks. There are several ways to enjoy the Blue Lagoon, including boat trips, swimming, relaxing on the beach and soaking up the sun.

Oludeniz means the Dead Sea, which aptly refers to the Blue Lagoon's calm, tranquil waters. As part of a protected national park, it is open seven days a week and just a short walk from Oludeniz Centre. Oludeniz is also the place to catch the water taxi across to Butterfly Valley, another must-see destination in Fethiye.

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Other Cable Cars in Turkey

This enchanting country, rich in history and culture, offers many exhilarating experiences, and cable car rides are undoubtedly among the top attractions in Turkey.

Kemer to Mount Olympus: Turkey's most famous cable car, Mount Tahtali heads to Mount Olympos in Antalya. As you ascend on this magnificent cable car, expect awe-inspiring Mediterranean views over Kemer's coastline and the backing Taurus Mountain range.  

Bursa to Uludag: Another fantastic cable car ride is in Bursa, which heads to Uludag, one of Turkey's premier skiing destinations. The winter snow-capped peaks of Uludag are an amazing cable car ride in Turkey during winter, but from Spring to Autumn, the ride reveals green plateaus as far as the eye can see.

Eyup in Istanbul: Once you ascend in the Eyup cable car, the Golden Horn’s stunning beauty and shoreline neighbourhoods appear in sight. The short ride only takes a few minutes, so spend time at Pierre Loti Hill (tepesi) at the top. From there, walk to Eyup Sultan Mosque and Tomb instead of descending in the cable car.

From taking cable cars up to the ancient city of Pergamon in İzmir, boasting spectacular views of the Aegean Sea, to enjoying serene rides to Boztepe in Ordu for mesmerizing vistas of the Black Sea coast of Turkey.

More About Oludeniz and Fethiye

We hope this article on Babadag has inspired you to head here. The Fethiye area has an incredible history, beautiful beaches like Oludeniz and hidden coves. First-time and returning visitors to Fethiye and Turkey will always find something to do or see.

Fethiye Marina: This picturesque harbour town on the magnificent Turkish Riviera boasts azure waters, idyllic beaches, and a rich cultural history. So, the prime position on the southern Mediterranean coast of Turkey, twinned with the perfect weather climate, makes Fethiye one of the world's best sailing destinations.

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