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The country of Turkey has many interesting facts to keep everyone intrigued for years. Its historical timeline would make up a full library of storybooks because of the many empires that have ruled the lands over time.

It is a true honour to be invited into a Turkish home. The Turks love to entertain and while the locals are more than adept at inviting themselves into another’s house, for foreigners, it is the ultimate peek into the culture and traditions of Turkish life.

Nothing on earth can match the rejuvenating and relaxing benefits of a traditional Turkish bath. Marble steam rooms across the country of Turkey are where this time-honoured tradition happens. Here are some of the best and most esteemed Turkish baths in the large, bustling city of Istanbul.

As the bird flies, the distance between Russia and Turkey is relatively short. You can reach either country from the other within a day’s drive by following the average 400-kilometre route through Georgia.

The provincial capital is the city of Konya, considered to be the birthplace of Islamic mysticism. Konya attracts nearly 2 million tourists a year as it is the resting place of Islamic scholar and mystic, Rumi and the place that set the foundations of Sufism, an inner mystical dimension of Islam.

Any traveller who knows Turkey well, though, will instantly testify to the magic of the Fethiye region of which Saklikent Gorge is a huge landmark. Its name translates to the hidden city, and as a major tourist destination, it is a marvel of Mother Nature.

A famous age-old proverb says “out of sight, out of mind” but this certainly does not apply to the famous Basilica Cistern of Istanbul, Turkey. A marvellous water reservoir captures overwhelming admiration from all that descend underground to see it.

Dalyan is a beautiful little town located just a few kilometres from the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Dalyan has migrated from the agricultural business of citrus fruits, cotton and more recently pomegranates, to the exciting world of tourism while retaining its traditional Turkish charm, making it a top summer destination.

Republic Day is one of the most fondly celebrated and historically significant public holidays in Turkey; a day which commemorates the proclamation of the Republic of Turkey in 1923.

The great Hagia Sophia standing in the heart of the old city part of Istanbul is one of Turkey’s most celebrated landmarks. As one of the country’s top visited tourist attractions, hundreds of people enter it daily to view relics and architecture of two of the most iconic empires.

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