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Historical and Spectacular Bazaars of Istanbul

Embarking on a whimsical journey through the heart of Istanbul's enchanting bazaars is akin to stepping into a living tapestry woven with threads of history, culture, and the vibrant pulse of[...]

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The Glory of Amyntas Rock Tomb in Fethiye and Other Lycian Destinations

Although there is much to see and do in the city, Amyntas Rock Tomb in Fethiye stands in a league of its own. The rock tomb of Amyntas, dating from the Lycian period when Fethiye was called[...]

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Slow Cities in Turkey and the Cittaslow Movement

While Turkey has experienced much development in recent years, the “slow cities of Turkey” are worth getting to know, especially if you plan to live here. The Cittaslow movement[...]

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What are the 17 Unmissable Things to Do in Turkey?

With a bountiful array of things to do in Turkey, everyone enjoys this diverse nation. As an unforgettable destination with summer sun to explore underground cities, UNESCO World Heritage sites, and[...]

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Seker Bayram: Turkey's Unforgettable Sugar Feast and Eid ul-Fitr

The Sugar Bayram holiday, also known as Şeker Bayramı or Eid al-Fitr, is a religious holiday celebrated in Turkey at the end of Ramadan, the month of fasting in the Islamic calendar, at different[...]

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Where to See Lycian coast History in Fethiye

The Mediterranean coast region of Fethiye earns much fame for tourism and expat living. Once you see it for yourself, the lure is easy to understand. Think gorgeous beaches, lounging around pools,[...]

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Kemer-Antalya in Turkey – The City of Tourism, Nature and Culture

For an unforgettable place to buy a holiday home, look no further than Kemer-Antalya in Turkey. Famed for beautiful nature spots, luxury hotels, fascinating sights and fine beaches, Kemer of Antalya[...]

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How to Overcome Language Barriers in Turkey

By far, one of the most common questions people ask us is how to overcome language barriers in Turkey. Knowing spoken languages is a great skill in this multicultural world as more people move around[...]

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Why the Turkish Culture and Lifestyle Appeals to Everyone

Almost every foreigner we know is intensely curious about Turkish culture when visiting Turkey. Of course, much like any destination, the culture is different in urban areas compared to rural[...]

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National Symbols of Turkey

Altogether, the national symbols of Turkey present a country so diverse and intriguing that they spark the interest of everyone around the world. Like any other country, Turkey's national symbols[...]

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