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BLOG Kemer-Antalya in Turkey – The City of Tourism, Nature and Culture

24 February 2023 / Culture

Kemer-Antalya in Turkey – The City of Tourism

For an unforgettable place to buy a holiday home, look no further than Kemer-Antalya in Turkey. Famed for beautiful nature spots, luxury hotels, fascinating sights and fine beaches, Kemer of Antalya attracts luxury-seekers and adventure-seekers alike who want to own holiday homes in Turkey.

Whether you're looking for exclusive restaurants, awe-inspiring cultural attractions, unrivalled natural beauty, or just somewhere to relax and unwind, Kemer has something for you. With over 17 miles of coastline and beaches, expect endless possibilities. From thrilling outdoor adventures to luxurious spa treatments, Kemer is the ultimate holiday home destination for global citizens.

                                                           About Kemer in Turkey


Mediterranean Coast Delight

Belonging to the larger Mediterranean Antalya district about 40 kilometres southwest of Antalya city, Kemer is easily accessible by the D400 highway, both by car and bus. In addition, this Mediterranean Sea hub sits just one hour from Antalya airport, with year-round flight schedules. Other than that, if sailing is your passion, come in via the Mediterranean Sea; Kemer's marina offers berthing for 220 boats and proudly boasts the five anchors award for excellence.

Holiday Fun in Kemer - Antalya

40 years ago, the small village of Kemer had few homes sitting among fruit trees overlooked by the sheltering Taurus Mountain range. Then mainstream beach tourism in Antalya and Turkey took off. Kemer was one of many holiday resorts to embrace the new trade with open arms. That decision transformed it into a bustling town of the Antalya province, accommodating many nationalities.

Indeed, Kemer is like a mini united nation as the holiday resort of Antalya welcomes Europeans, Asians and middle eastern nationalities to enjoy the delightful coastline setting. Like other places in Antalya and Turkey, the holiday fame soon spread to owning real estate. Many foreigners own holiday homes or live here all year round. Kemer has done this by offering everything tourists and holiday homeowners want.

Though relatively small compared to other places, Kemer offers many amenities, with beachfront restaurants, bars and shops and excellent access to fantastic ancient places. Additionally, around republic square on Ataturk Boulevard, marked by the white clock, are some great restaurants serving good food, souvenir shops, and tour agents selling daily tours. This place is excellent for people to watch and soak up local life.

Also, check out the Kindilcesme coastal area for children's playgrounds, resting and reading areas, lighting, walking and jogging paths, square, parking lot, camellias, bicycle path, and social media points. The mayor of Kemer compares this to their version of Konyaalti Beach and a great social space where people can spend their time comfortably. Kemer's many nightclubs and bars also cater to tourists. Some popular nightclubs in Kemer include Aura, Inferno, Club Inferno, Arma, and Moonlight Park & Beach

Kemer to Mount Tahtali

Mount Tahtali, the highest Taurus Mountain peak, sits among pine trees, towering over the coastline at 2365 meters. Mythology legends called it Olympus, home of the gods, which aptly reflects the majestic appearance. Every day, hundreds of people travel the cable car to reach the summit that gives off amazing views over Kemer's coastline and the backing Taurus Mountain range. Daredevils can also paraglide down instead of descending via cable car.

Idyros Ancient City and Open-air Museum

Research continues on Idyros Ancient City, the roman ruins unearthed during the excavations carried out by the Antalya Museum between 1976-1977, close to Moonlight Bay in Kemer. The byzantine wall remains, three door jambs and apse was found during the excavations, and church remains were unearthed here. Orange, red, white and grey mosaics cover the church floor. Ornaments, dominated by geometric motifs, are surrounded by heart-shaped vegetal borders. Idyros is 10-minutes from Kemer city centre and admission is free.

From Kemer to the Mysterious Chimera Flames

According to ancient Greek Mythology, the flames have burned for thousands of years from the natural gas source on rocks north of Cirali. Once an intriguing mystery that prompted tales of fire-breathing monsters, scientists have explained the process as natural gas oozing out of the rocks. The strenuous walk uphill leads to small clearings holding the flames, and an interesting fact to know is that the name Chimera stems from the monster they were named after.

Relax at Moonlight Beach

The crescent-shaped appearance of Moonlight Bay instantly attracts locals and tourists. Sitting in Ayisigi, Moonlight Bay twins with Yoruk Park, which promotes the cultural heritage of Kemer and the Antalya region. Just ten minute's walk from the city centre, or accessible by car, surrounding restaurants make this place of Kemer great for summer days and holidays.

To go further afield, the coastline of Antalya, Turkey, has many hidden coves and bays. We love driving to Adrasan beach, 50-minutes drive away. Other beaches to try to include Goynuk beach club, Beldibi beach club, Kemer West, East and Urban beach, and Kiris beach. If you book an all-inclusive hotel in Kemer, they sometimes have private beaches. The private beach industry is also backed up with water sports and waitperson service.

Yayla Holidays in Kemer

Gedelme Plateau, located 18 kilometers west of Kemer, within the Kuzdere District, is an old settlement whose population increases significantly in summer. Sitting 700 metres above sea level, the plateau is known for its delicious apple and walnut trees. The plateau, on the Beycik Plateau route, attracts many trekking, hiking and bicycle groups. There is also a well-preserved 9th-century castle called Kadrama / Gedelma Byzantine Castle, which means " grain pit". Also, visit the nearby Cheese Hole cave that extends for 74 meters, and the 2500-year-old Big Plane Tree, with its giant trunk. Gedelme Plateau is just 18 kilometers from Kemer.

Ataturk Park and the Upside House

The Upside-Down House, also known as the "Wonderland Upside Down House," is built upside down. Visitors walk through the house and explore the upside-down rooms, which include kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom. The furniture, fixtures, and decorations are also upside down, giving visitors surreal experiences. The Upside-Down House amuses families and tourists looking for fun and unusual experiences.


Other Things to do in Kemer - Antalya

  • Visit the Beaches: Kemer has some beautiful beaches, such as Moonlight Beach, Phaselis Beach, and Olympos Beach. You can relax, swim, sunbathe, and enjoy water sports.
  • Visit Antalya: Antalya city offers attractions like Hadrian's Gate, Laleici, the Aquarium, Old Harbour, and Antalya Museum.
  • Visit Olympos Ancient City: The ancient city of Olympos, about 35 km south of Kemer, sits among beautiful natural settings.
  • Boat Tours: Kemer has many boat tours that take you along the Antalya coast, allowing you to swim in secluded coves, see caves, and enjoy the beautiful scenery.
  • Go Paragliding: Take in stunning Taurus Mountains and Mediterranean Sea views by going paragliding.
  • Everything Turkish: From street to traditional restaurants try Turkish kebabs, baklava, and coffee. Also indulge in a Turkish bath and shave.
  • Go Hiking: Mountains and abundant hiking trails surround Kemer. The Tahtali Mountains and the Lycian Way are two popular hiking destinations.
  • Visit Goynuk Canyon: 10 kilometres east of Kemer, Goynuk Canyon, features waterfalls, swimming holes, and hiking trails, promoting the beauty and tranquillity of Antalya.

Areas of Kemer for House Hunters

Away from the beach and crystal-clear waters are smaller, more traditional outskirt villages, almost surrounded by nature. These areas are often chosen for holidays by nature lovers or by some ex-pats from various countries who live in Antalya all year round. House hunters should look at the other 12 districts of Arslanbucak, Beldibi, Beycik, Camyuva, Goynuk, Kiris, Kuzdere, Ovacik, Tekirova, Ulupinar, Yenimahalle. See properties for sale in Kemer and the areas that they sit in, in our Kemer Portfolio here.

Also of Interest

Antalya City Centre: So get ready to explore the beauty and culture of Kemer in Turkey. Finally, also learn about the larger Antalya region of Turkey that Kemer belongs to. With its rich culture, beautiful landscape, and warm climate, Kemer is just a tiny corner of this great province of Turkey.

Is Kemer Better Than Belek? We are often asked this question, but it is impossible to compare because both resorts cater for two different types of tourists. While Kemer excels in beaches and nightlife, Belek is the golfing capital of Turkey and also excels in Spa hotels. Neither is better and sitting a short distance apart, both are worth getting to know.

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