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Why the Bursa Property Market Attracts Foreign Buyers

When Turkey releases yearly house sales stats for foreigners, the Bursa property market consistently ranks as a top ten destination. Although Bursa is firmly engrained in Turkish history and culture[...]

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What is Bursa Known for?

To ask, what is Bursa known for, is to delve into the diverse cultural heritage of one of Turkey's premier destinations. Sitting in Northwest Turkey, before 2000, Bursa was relatively unheard of[...]

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Why Buy Property In Bursa - Turkey?

Over the last ten years, the number of people looking to buy property in Bursa has risen and continues to climb. Once a forgotten entity and overlooked by places like Istanbul, in 2020, Bursa was the[...]

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About the Bursa Province of Turkey: Attractions to See and Much More

To truly immerse yourself in Turkish heritage, visit the Bursa province of Turkey. Fronted by the sea of Marmara, and bursting with museums, UNESCO World Heritage sites, old mosques, monuments and[...]

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Why the Attractions in Bursa Should be on Your Bucket List

Look at any Turkey travel guide published over the last ten years, and the attractions in Bursa will appear on the list of recommended places to visit. Once an unknown destination, rarely heard of[...]

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Why Visit Bursa’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites

To visit Bursa’s UNESCO World Heritage sites is to take an adventure into an integral part of its history and culture. Inscribed in 2014, eight sites within Bursa and the nearby Cumalikizik[...]

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13 Interesting Places to Visit in Bursa - Turkey

Curious holidaymakers are always pleased with the range of places to visit in Bursa. Standing in a league of its own, Bursa rose the ranks to become Turkey's must-see destination. While western[...]

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Why Go Skiing in Uludag Turkey

To go skiing in Uludag is to tap into one of Turkey’s top winter destinations that has much future potential as the country seeks to become a year-round tourism hub. Uludag Ski Centre, covering[...]

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