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BLOG Why Buy Property In Bursa - Turkey?

20 October 2021 / Properties

Why Buy Property In Bursa

Over the last ten years, the number of people looking to buy property in Bursa has risen and continues to climb. Once a forgotten entity and overlooked by places like Istanbul, in 2020, Bursa was the sixth most popular destination for foreign house buyers in Turkey. The trends continue to change as well because Bursa was once only popular with Middle Eastern nationalities.

But these days it attracts more Europeans who want a cultural taste of one of Turkey's most important cities. So, indeed, if you are looking towards Bursa for your real estate investment in Turkey, know that you are on the right track, but let's look at the reasons why Bursa's popularity is growing with foreign house buyers.

Why Buy Property In Bursa

1: Cultural Showcase

Bursa has a strong tourism industry but has not sold out on its cultural heritage, unlike other places in Turkey. From churches in the Iznik region to the time-honoured Iskender dish that it is known for, culture stands out on every corner. One significant boost came to Bursa when historical buildings in the old city centre were added to the official UNESCO World Heritage site list. Twin this historical Ottoman architecture with ancient traditions like the tea shops, museums, houses, and you have the perfect insight into one of Turkey's cultural gems.

2: Beautiful Green and Thermal Bursa

Bursa kept its cultural heritage and maintained family-friendly green spaces, leading to its nickname of green Bursa. Despite the new developments in the real estate market, the local council has designated green areas, parks, and gardens for Turkish people to socialise and meet. Bursa also earns fame for its natural spring spas. Natural hot springs include Cekirge, Kaynarca, Yeni and Mustafa Kara and Eski, that make Bursa a famous spa and wellness destination.

3: The Tourism Market

Anyone looking for a holiday home who wants a passive income stream through renting when they are not there would do well to choose Bursa. Over the years, as more people got off the beaten track and away from the tourism strongholds, Bursa rose in popularity and continues to do so. Of course, you will need creative marketing skills and to pay tax on your rental income over a certain level, but otherwise, you have a good tourism base to market to.

4: Things to Do and Places to Go

As well as exploring the historical old city centre, the UNESCO sites, museums, and green spaces, there is a host of other things to do. Whether this is relaxing on the coastline, heading to Uludag Mountain for trekking and camping, or skiing in winter. Yes, you read that right. Bursa is also one of Turkey's most popular skiing spots, attracting thousands of Turks and foreigners every year when snow descends. (Read more about 13 exciting places in Bursa.)

5: Ideal Real Estate Investment

Despite the rise in popularity, Bursa still offers excellent property prices, making it ideal for budget buyers. What is better is that if you keep the property for mid to long term, there is much potential for capital real estate appreciation, as Bursa's prominence grows on the international market. So whether you want a high-quality apartment or villa, you will find what you want within your budget.

6: Variety of Destinations

When most people think of Bursa, they refer to the city centre, yet Bursa is also the name of the larger province. So, property buyers have more locations to choose from than they initially thought. A popular neighbourhood is Mudanya. Surrounded by nature and on the Marmara sea's southern shores, Mudanya is a popular place to buy holiday homes and a weekend getaway destination for Turks in Istanbul's big and bustling city. The region offers up beautiful sea views and has a connecting ferry link to Istanbul. The city centre is just a 20-minute drive, and Istanbul, just over an hour.

7: Easy Buying Process

One reason Turkey stands out for foreign property buyers is the easy house buying process. Years ago, they had to endure military checks and a lengthy wait. But these days, if everything is in place, property buyers receive their title deeds in as little as a week. The purchasing costs are also low. This ensures Turkey stands out against other countries like Spain, Portugal, or France.

8: See the Property Market

To gain more of an idea of what's for sale on the property market in Bursa, browse our portfolio of apartments and villas. Each listing contains everything to know, including price, location, photos, floor plans where applicable, home features, why that property stands out and contact details to find out more via email or arrange a viewing.

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