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Is Antalya a Good Holiday Destination?

If you are wondering if Antalya is a good holiday destination, our answer is a wholehearted yes. We can provide proof as well. Historically, this Mediterranean delight is Turkey’s top beach[...]

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Why Foreigners in Antalya Love the Region

When it comes to Turkish delights, foreigners in Antalya will testify the region is the Mediterranean Queen. As well as being Turkey's second most popular touristic hub, it also ranks second as[...]

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Top Ten Antalya Province Attractions: Things to Do for Everyone

For everyone from young to old, the Antalya province attractions form part of what is Turkey’s second most popular holiday destination. On a good year, roughly 15 million people from around the[...]

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Build Your Custom Home in Belek-Antalya with Turkey Homes

If you want to design and build your own custom home in Turkey, there is no better place to choose than Belek. Sitting in the Mediterranean Antalya region, the coastal resort ranks as a centre of[...]

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Buying Property in Antalya Guide

When buying property in Antalya, get ready to enter one of Turkey’s fast-moving real estate sectors. Every month, thousands of properties swap hands, making it the second most popular[...]

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Winter Activities in Antalya for Young and Old Alike

By promoting winter activities in Antalya, Turkey is edging towards its goal to become a year-round tourist destination. We have already seen increased flights to Antalya Airport, from British and[...]

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Should You Visit Antalya in Winter? Yes, and Here is Why

If you ask us if you should visit Antalya in winter, our answer is a firm yes. While the smaller coastal resorts scale down from November to April, life in the city centre still carries on. Such is[...]

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9 Historical Places in Antalya That History Lovers Will Adore

Anyone looking to explore historical places in Antalya will be surprised with its vast range of ancient ruins and old landmarks. Sitting on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, the region covers a[...]

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Antalya in Turkey: Travel and Province Guide

When it comes to professional tourism destinations, Antalya in Turkey counts itself as a market leader. Although the name references the central city, which is also Turkey’s fastest-growing[...]

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Living In Antalya: A House Hunters Guide

Overseas property hunters thinking about living in Antalya need to only look at the many foreigners already doing it to confirm they are making the right decision. The region comprising the city[...]

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