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9 Historical Places in Antalya That History Lovers Will Adore

Anyone looking to explore historical places in Antalya will be surprised with its vast range of ancient ruins and old landmarks. Sitting on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, the region covers a[...]

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Antalya in Turkey: Travel and Province Guide

When it comes to professional tourism destinations, Antalya in Turkey counts itself as a market leader. Although the name references the central city, which is also Turkey’s fastest-growing[...]

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Living In Antalya: A House Hunters Guide

Overseas property hunters thinking about living in Antalya need to only look at the many foreigners already doing it to confirm they are making the right decision. The region comprising the city[...]

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Expats in Kalkan: Living the Turkish Mediterranean Lifestyle

Anyone who wants to move to Turkey would do well to look at the lifestyle of expats in Kalkan. The resort, attracting many nationalities as a permanent overseas base, has an exclusive ambience found[...]

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About Kalkan’s Property Market and 5 Reasons to Invest In It

Kalkan’s property market is unlike anywhere else in Turkey. Keeping a discreet but exclusive reputation, the resort receives little attention from the main street travel and property markets,[...]

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3 Gorgeous Homes in Belek for Enthusiastic Golfing Fans

The extensive portfolio of homes in Belek easily entices many foreigners and Turks to move permanently to the region. As Turkey’s golfing capital, its reputation stems around the sport but once[...]

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The Best Places to Live in Antalya, Turkey

Whether you want to buy property or rent, a long list making up the best places to live in Antalya, Turkey, presents you with the Turkish Mediterranean lifestyle in all its glory. Moving to Antalya[...]

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Guide to Living in Belek: Turkey’s Golfing Capital

For many, living in Belek is about pursuing a Mediterranean Turkish dream. As part of the larger Antalya region, the town presents newcomers with long beaches, a charming choice of shops,[...]

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Moving to Antalya: The How to Guide For Expats

Moving to Antalya is a big lifestyle decision to make, more so, if you are a foreigner. It not only involves a change of location, but a complete switch to a different language, cuisine, and[...]

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Districts of Antalya: A Mediterranean Province of Turkey

As a group, the districts of Antalya form a large area on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast. The province is not to be underestimated because it is the second most popular holiday destination and[...]

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