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BLOG Why Foreigners in Antalya Love the Region

12 April 2021 / Lifestyle

Why Antalya?

When it comes to Turkish delights, foreigners in Antalya will testify the region is the Mediterranean Queen. As well as being Turkey's second most popular touristic hub, it also ranks second as the best place for foreigners to live. Don't just take our word for it, either. In Feb 2021, the Turkish Daily Sabah newspaper reported more than 90 nationalities live in Antalya, making it a cross-cultural hub.

Altogether these expats make up 100,000 of the population alongside locals. Indeed, any foreigner, regardless of nationality, who wants to move to Antalya from their home country will soon see numerous benefits. Let's delve down deeper, though, to discover the exact reasons many expats choose the region.


Foreigners in Antalya: Expat Living in Turkey

1: Weather and Climate

Travellers flock here for hot summers, but expatriates enjoy a year-round climate with an exceptional outdoor lifestyle. Even winters are mild enough to swim in the Mediterranean Sea and take a promenade stroll in a t-shirt. Out of all expat places in Turkey, Antalya offers the best year-round climate, influencing many expats when choosing a new country for relocation.

2: Turkish Riviera

An outdoor lifestyle continues into the sailing world. Antalya belongs to the Turkish Riviera, also known as the Turquoise coastline, and this attracts international yachts and traditional Turkish gulet boats during the May to October sailing season. Don't think Antalya does things half-heartedly either because its reputation for excellence stems worldwide. One popular route for shared cabin charters is Fethiye to Antalya route, a unique way to get here.


3: Best Beaches in Turkey

Ah, everyone loves a seaside ambience. Sea smells, calm waters for swimming and sand in between your toes. This is where Antalya steps up by offering the best beaches as ranked by Trip Advisor users. Prominent stretches of golden sand hosting thousands of beachgoers every year include Cleopatras, Konyaalti, and Kaputas. Besides, Lara beach earns fame for the Las Vegas-style, all-inclusive hotels, and an annual sand festival.

4: Belek: Golfing Capital of Turkey

Whether living here temporarily or permanently, some of the expat community choose to pursue hobbies, which is where picturesque Belek comes forward as Turkey's golfing capital. Often buying a villa, expats have front row seats to the world's best courses that have hosted players like Tiger Woods and national championships with millionaire pound prizes. When off the course, they enjoy a lively nightlife scene offering typical alfresco style dining.

5: Places of Natural Beauty

For expatriates, an essential factor when choosing to live abroad is beautiful places. Backed by the Taurus mountains and fronted by the Mediterranean Sea, Antalya can also boast of waterfalls, stunning forest and plateau scenery, and a plateau lifestyle. Some people choose to go white water rafting in Koprulu canyon, and others trek the Lycian way of which Antalya is the starting point. Settling into Antalya is easy since the natural sights of nature make you feel at peace.


6: Minimal Culture-shock

For any foreign citizen, moving abroad brings with it specific challenges to overcome. Culture-shock is one. However, thanks to Antalya's multinational ambience, settling in comes with ease. English speaking Turkish people help bridge the language barrier. Although you can find traditional Turkey in some parts, one look at high street brand names and international restaurants shows expat life in Antalya is a new chance to make friends globally.


7: Cost-of-Living and Money Management

For foreigners, living abroad in Turkey involves careful money management since they must ditch their currency and use the Turkish lira. Currently, the exchange rate proves to be in their favour, with the lira providing more value than ever before. Additionally, living costs are cheaper than in many other countries, and many expats deposit savings into high-level interest savings accounts. After paying tax, they withdraw the interest monthly, hence never touch their net worth. So, living in Turkey is suitable for your bank balance.

8: Historical Nostalgia

We all like to embrace modern living but also know our historical past. Despite Antalya being a progressive place in Turkey, its heritage shines through in the old town and numerous ancient ruins and archaeological sites. Ottoman-empire is evident in old mosques, and traditional houses, while Roman traces are seen in places like Aspendos, and tombs highlight Lycian history. Any good travel guide will confirm if exploring historical sites is your passion; Antalya delivers 100% and more. (Historical places in Antalya.)


9: Property Prices

While some expats rent, most buy properties because of the low-priced index. Additionally, when relocating, expats have a healthy portfolio of new build, off-plan and resale apartments and villas to choose from. Turkey also tightened up the house buying process for foreigners making it quicker and safer. Of course, though, Antalya attracts a fair share of international real estate investors looking for good deals in a foreign country. If you want to invest in Antalya's property market, browse our list of properties for sale in Antalya and use the contact details to find out more.

10: Antalya International Airport and Transport

Any expatriate likes the ease of travel to their home country when they miss friends and family. So, Antalya does that with a state-of-the-art airport that has won numerous awards. As Turkey's number one touristic air travel hub, cheap flights to and from other countries operate all year round. Getting here is also easy thanks to a prime D400 highway position running from Turkey's east to west and because Antalya has many ports of entry if coming in by sea.

About Us: We are Turkey Homes, a property and lifestyle specialist who has helped thousands of people with dreams of moving to Turkey. Over many years, our team garnered much local experience and knowledge, and we have collected it all into one blog about Turkey. Full of helpful information, any foreigners in Antalya can learn more about places, food, history, culture, and traditions.


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