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The Kalkan Property Market in 2021 and What to Expect in 2022

The Kalkan property market commands respect and admiration from all over Turkey. Homebuyers and real estate investors eagerly join the exclusive Mediterranean and Turkish Riviera destination offering[...]

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Your Kalkan Travel Guide - Get to Know Turkey

Sitting on Turkey's Mediterranean coast, Kalkan commands respect and admiration from all those who visit her. Maintaining a somewhat prestigious reputation, Kalkan stands in a league of its own,[...]

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Why Visit Kalkan in Turkey: The Turquoise Coast Travel Guide

If you are wondering why you should visit Kalkan in Turkey, the first thing to know is that it stands in a league of its own. Turkey has hundreds of coastal resorts that attract tourists from around[...]

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Why Buy Property in Kalkan: 5 Reasons This Market Stands Out

If you are house-hunting in Mediterranean Turkey, consider buying property in Kalkan. This small coastal resort nestled between the crystal blue sea and towering green hills attracts an upmarket[...]

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12 Kalkan Day Trips That Showcase the Best of Turkey

The vast range of Kalkan day trips sold throughout summer ensures anyone on holiday sees the best of Mediterranean Turkey. From historical ruins to relaxing sailing to cultural experiences, no matter[...]

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Kalkan Town Centre and a Mediterranean Lifestyle

If ever there was a place that captivated first-time visitors with awe and style, it would be Kalkan town centre. As part of an upmarket resort on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, the new and old[...]

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Kalkan Real Estate: An Investor’s Guide to the Market

Kalkan’s real estate market is in a world of its own. Counting as part of Turkey’s most prestigious property sectors, this is more than an investment opportunity for home buyers. They are[...]

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Your Guide to House Hunting in Kalkan

House hunting in any country where you are unfamiliar with the language, procedures and real estate market can be a daunting experience. However, for foreigners, buying a Turkish home is easy, quick,[...]

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Districts of Kalkan: A Turkish Property Guide

Collectively, the districts of Kalkan form a small town that has garnered a prestigious reputation not only in mainstream tourism but among those sailing the Turkish Riviera. Foreign property buyers[...]

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Why Buying Property in Kalkan is a Smart Move

The small resort of Kalkan on the sunny Mediterranean coast of Turkey is often overshadowed by other well-known destinations in the country. Yet anyone that knows it well will testify that despite[...]

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