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BLOG Why Visit Kalkan in Turkey: The Turquoise Coast Travel Guide

26 May 2020 / Travel

Why Visit Kalkan in Turkey

If you are wondering why you should visit Kalkan in Turkey, the first thing to know is that it stands in a league of its own. Turkey has hundreds of coastal resorts that attract tourists from around the world, but Kalkan does not have to compete with them, because there is nowhere else like it in the country.

Its esteemed reputation has spread far and wide. As a favourite for holidaymakers and foreign property buyers, it also attracts Turks from the enormous cities like Istanbul, who want a slice of this haven. Facing the Mediterranean Sea, it belongs to the Turquoise coast, an area that is well known for sandy beaches, and scenic views. Yet there is much more to the town than sand and picturesque views.

Why Visit Kalkan in Turkey

1: Nostalgic Old Town

The old town is the beating heart, and nostalgic signs of its past are everywhere. Wandering up and down the narrow-cobbled hills, a glance to either side reveals traditional whitewashed houses, with wooden shutters and balconies. They reflect its history as a tiny fishing village once cut off from the outside world, that now attracts people from everywhere.

In the harbour, sitting alongside the modern scuba diving boats are small fishing vessels which at the end of every morning, unravel their nets on the piers like they used to do in the bygone days. It is also worth delving beyond what the eye can see to learn about Kalkan’s history, as most evident in the white mosque that was a former church. Everyone who visits the old town has much respect for keeping its authenticity in a world consumed with trends and technology.

2: An Amazing Dining Scene

Throughout spring, summer and autumn, restaurants across Turkey kick it up a notch by turning to the alfresco dining scene. However, Kalkan does it with style and finesse, and this has led its dining scene to be one of Turkey’s best. Rooftop restaurants give way to amazing views over the bay lit up at night time.

To do traditional Turkish style, order Turkish mezes, fish, seafood, and the alcoholic drink of raki to complement the tastes. However, the choice is endless from fine dining to steak and pasta houses to international cuisine. Large pulsating nightclubs don’t exist, but after dining head to the small, friendly sit-down bars for cocktails and family-friendly entertainment.

3: Sailing and Yachting in Kalkan

The Turkish Rivera runs from the Northern Aegean to the eastern Mediterranean, and Kalkan’s geographical position, and the surrounding coves and bays, makes it a prime stopping point. Given Kalkan’s upmarket, luxury reputation, it is not surprising that sailing and yachting in the area is prestigious. Large, traditional sailing gulets and modern luxury yachts often drop anchor or sail into the harbour for overnight stays. Private rentals of the gulet cruises are also popular as guests receive unrivalled luxury while exploring nearby places like Kas.

4: Visit Surrounding Attractions

Kalkan serves as an excellent base to explore surrounding attractions. Some people sign up for daytime tours and excursions, while others hire a car for the week. Heading out of the town, onto the major D400 highway, it does not take long to reach the must-see sites of the Mediterranean.

Kaputas beach, one of Turkey’s best and most photographed, is just a ten-minute drive, and a tremendous scenic opportunity. Heading in the opposite direction, Patara sits 20 minutes away. As well as ruins, and a quaint village, it is home to Turkey’s longest beach that is also a nesting ground for the Caretta turtle. Read more about what to visit from Kalkan here.

5: Prestigious Accommodation

Most people, when visiting Kalkan, book a private rental villa. In the real estate industry, Kalkan’s villas are prime properties for two reasons. The first is that land ascends the further inland you go, hence from most neighbourhoods, stunning Mediterranean Sea views shine through. The second is that architects make the most of this to incorporate luxury aspects into the villas. For example, most have the floor to ceiling windows, and infinity pools facing the Mediterranean. Spacious interior gives way to a cool breeze in summer, and modern cons like Jacuzzis, walk-in wardrobes, and SMART home technology make life all that easier.

If you are still wondering why visit Kalkan, just know the atmosphere and lifestyle encompasses traditional Mediterranean values. Still, as always Kalkan excels in everything it does so you can expect the best enjoyment. Find out more about the travel basics, the best time to visit, nightlife, shopping and accommodation scenes, in our Kalkan area guide here.

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