Kalkan Real Estate: An Investor’s Guide to the Market

Kalkan Real Estate: An Investor’s Guide to the Market
Kalkan Real Estate: A Buyer's Guide
Written on: 22 April 2019

Kalkan’s real estate market is in a world of its own. Counting as part of Turkey’s most prestigious property sectors, this is more than an investment opportunity for home buyers. They are buying into an exclusive Mediterranean destination of the Turkish Riviera that offers unrivalled luxury living. Daily life revolves around rooftop dining, sailing, sunbathing and sophistication.

Once a small unheard-of fishing village, it has risen to become one of the best places to live in Turkey. See traces of its bygone era in old stone houses scattered among narrow paths of the town centre, but look around, and new build apartments and villas displaying only the best in architectural styles show just how far it has come over 40 years.

Some foreign owners live there all year round while others have second-holiday homes and often rent them out because Kalkan offers high rental yields. Although life scales down a notch in winter, summer is a pleasant experience, and anyone looking at freehold luxury property will be impressed at what the market offers.

Kalkan Real Estate: A Buyers Guide

Why Real Estate in Kalkan Stands Out

So aside from an opulent lifestyle and Mediterranean coastal position, what else can buyers look forward to? Quite a lot. First, Kalkan is not a place that will suffer from bad urban planning. Stringent building laws prohibit massive skyscraper-like buildings, and a distinct lack of land available for building stops overpopulation.

Second, architects take advantage of hilly landscapes to design magnificent homes around that stunning sea view. Sea facing floor to ceiling windows, terraces, gardens, and swimming pools present 24 hours of beautiful views. It is not just about views either, because most homes highlight comfort and style through gyms, saunas and luxurious décor and design.

Apartments and Villas: The Real Estate Market

Over the last five years, developers realised that Kalkan’s luxury real estate portfolio had a distinct lack of apartments for sale. After all, not everyone wants a sizeable 6-bedroom mansion. However, that problem was solved and buyers entering the market have a healthy choice of apartments, penthouses, and villas for sale.

Prices per square meter differ between neighbourhoods, and coastline properties fall into a high bracket. Traditional, older homes often sell for lower prices because they need modernisation and upgrading, but the bonus is that many have a central location.

Whether you want to buy off-plan, new-build or resale furnished property, Kalkan offers plenty to choose from, each with unique selling points. Buyers can expect to pay from £75,000 for the lower end of the market, right up to six digits for large, millionaire, waterfront villas. (See the range of property for sale in Kalkan.)

The Best Neighbourhood to Buy in

Kalkan breaks down into six individual neighbourhoods and newcomers to the area should explore each to find out where bars, shops, restaurants, banks, and transport links are. We do this on our property viewings , so call us to arrange a time and date.

Many buyers express a wish to own an authentic bougainvillaea home in the centre known as the old part of town, but availability and limited choices often send buyers elsewhere. A suitable and close by alternative is Ortalaan, aka new Kalkan, where the highest concentration of public facilities and the bus station are.

Buy-to-let investors looking for rental properties often head to Kalamar while budget buyers go over the D400 highway to Kiziltas, but do not think you are compromising on a coastal location because this neighbourhood has impressive sea views. Komurluk and Kisla are prestigious communities with a portfolio of seaside villas featuring contemporary design, are also worth viewing.

Is Now the Right Time to Buy in Kalkan?

If you are an international Kalkan property buyer, Yes. Current exchange rates between the Turkish lira and other currencies means foreigners get more for their money than ever before. Turkey has also dropped its minimum investment level for its citizenship program from 1 million USD to just $250,000, so house buyers with that budget can also apply for permanent residency and citizenship rights.

How Safe is it to Buy Property in Turkey?

Over 15 years, Turkey has tightened and streamlined home buying processes to make it a successful transaction for both buyers and sellers. As well as abolishing military searches which held up the signing of the title deeds, they have introduced valuation reports, and you must use an official translator for any legal documents. You still must do your due diligence. In Turkey, you don’t have to use a lawyer, but we recommend you do. (See our full step-by-step buyers guide to purchasing property in Turkey.)

Starting Your Property Search in Kalkan

As an agent, with offices all over Turkey, we can help you invest in Kalkan real estate. Email, call or message us with your requirements and budget. We will then send a selection of properties for sale. Our investment property buying app on iTunes and Google Play also has plenty more advice for investing in Turkish real estate, as well as new listings as soon as they come on the market.

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