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BLOG Why Buy Property in Kalkan: 5 Reasons This Market Stands Out

20 May 2020 / Properties

Reasons to Buy Property in Kalkan

If you are house-hunting in Mediterranean Turkey, consider buying property in Kalkan. This small coastal resort nestled between the crystal blue sea and towering green hills attracts an upmarket clientele for both tourism and house hunters. Lured in by strong community vibes that revolve around a life of leisure as seen in the rooftop restaurants, its esteemed reputation in the sailing world of the Turkish riviera also cements its fame.

Once a tiny fishing village that no-one had heard of, these days, Kalkan’s reputation as a must-visit destination has spread around the world. Comprising the old part of town, with traditional whitewash houses, house hunters also have five other neighbourhoods to choose from. If you still need persuading as to why you should consider the area, read on.

Reasons to Buy Property in Kalkan

1: High-End Luxury Property

While most picture postcards feature the old town and stone cottages, most of the real estate market revolves around high-end luxury property featuring all modern cons for a lifestyle of comfort. Although there are apartments for sale in Kalkan, the general trend is enormous villas with floor to ceiling windows maximising that beautiful Mediterranean Sea view.

Inside homes, large, open spaces encourage a cool breeze to flow through, therefore reducing the summer heat and humidity. For modern features, think big. We are talking infinity pools, Jacuzzis, walk-in wardrobes and in the millionaire properties, home cinemas and bars. Last, much credit needs to be given to their architectural style embracing all the trends of modern living.

2: Lucrative Rental Market

For buy-to-let investors, or anyone looking to rent out their holiday home to recoup running costs, Kalkan offers the highest rental yields on the Mediterranean coast. The official tourism season runs from May to October, and with maximum occupancy, owners can receive 9% per annum. Some investors opt for the Kalkan rooftop penthouses with private pools that easily catch the eyes of renters. These start at around the £100,000 mark, while others look at villas for sale in Kalkan, and as mentioned above, these take pride of place for luxury holiday rental homes.

3: Buy into a Stable Market

At the turn of the century, Turkey embarked upon a massive plan to reinvent its crumbling real estate market. New developments sprung up, but this also caused prices to stagnate in some areas because of a housing oversupply. Kalkan does not have this problem because the local council protects much of the land surrounding the town hence new buildings are forbidden.  

The high demand and low supply ensure an ever-revolving circle of buyers and sellers, with stable prices increasing year on year. Should you also be looking for a destination with high liquidity, Kalkan offers just that, since its portfolio of buyers includes Turks and nationalities from around the world.

4: Exclusive Kalkan Lifestyle

Of course, the real estate market would not have the exclusivity that it has today, without the lifestyle features to match. Its esteemed reputation on the Turkish riviera, and in the sailing world stretches around the globe, attracting people from as far as America.

To complement this world, a high-end dining scene awaits house owners and renters. Rooftop restaurants with a variety of menus from traditional seafood cuisine to fine international dining come alive after dark. Whether you want an evening cocktail or family sit down entertainment, a wide choice awaits.

5: The Transport Network

Getting around is easy. Locals use bikes, cars, and the local bus system. However, Kalkan also has a distinct advantage in that it sits on the major D400 highway running from the east to west of Turkey. This taps the town into an expansive cross-country bus network.

Additionally, house owners from other countries can get here anytime they want by using either Dalaman or Antalya Airport. Both are in the top three touristic airports of Turkey, and as well as having frequent flights to other countries, have won many awards for their service and efficient systems.

To know more about buying property in Turkey, call us today and speak to a member of our local estate agent team. Also see our large portfolio of apartments and villas for sale in Kalkan. Each property listing includes all the information to know including photos, location, key features of that home, price and how to arrange a viewing.

Further Reading About Kalkan

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Districts of Kalkan: As mentioned above, property buyers have six neighbourhoods to choose from. In this article, we look closer at each one to find out what makes it unique and why people settle there. From the millionaire villas in Komurluk to the stunning views of Kiziltas, it is a useful guide for anyone looking to buy property in Kalkan.

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