Your Guide to House Hunting in Kalkan

Your Guide to House Hunting in Kalkan
Popular Questions about House Hunting in Kalkan
Written on: 15 October 2018

House hunting in any country where you are unfamiliar with the language, procedures and real estate market can be a daunting experience. However, for foreigners, buying a Turkish home is easy, quick, and straightforward.

The Turkish government has ended needless military searches and smooth lined the process, so a sale is completed just as quick as if you were Turkish. From viewing to signing the title deeds and moving in, the process can take as little as a week for a resale or key ready apartment. The proof can be seen in the yearly sales of over 22,000 properties to foreigners.

Of this large group, many buy homes in Mediterranean Kalkan. Its selective and upmarket status puts it far outside the scope of budget homes, but its real estate portfolio boasts of spectacular apartments and villas with unique architecture seen nowhere else in the country.

Occasionally, off plan homes come up for sale, but new-built or resale listings dominate the market. Kalkan is a small town and restricted building laws and a distinct lack of land for building on means the market is already in full flow.

Popular Questions about House Hunting in Kalkan

Is it Safe to Buy Property in Turkey?

In the past, Turkey’s lack of regulation and licensing allowed cowboys to work and damage its reputation when buyers were left without money and no title deeds. However, over the last decade, the real estate sector has tightened up, and the Turkish government is keen to ensure foreigners have a smooth buying process.

Foreign direct investment is driving the economy and tales of disheartened buyers do not promote the country in a good light. So, yes, it is safe to buy property, and the sector is a lot more professional than it used to be.

Still be aware of opportunity scammers though, and like you would in your home country, only use licensed professionals.  Don’t buy from anyone in a bar, restaurant, shop or travel agency. Employ certified lawyers, translators and make sure the contract is notarised. Here at Turkey Homes, we only work with the buyer’s best interest at heart and guarantee delivery of your title deeds. See more about the buying process here.

How Much is Property in Kalkan?

As mentioned before, Kalkan has a lack of space for expansion, so prices per square meter are higher than other places like Fethiye, Bodrum and Altinkum. In built up popular areas, homes sell for the maximum estimation value, but as you head away from the central districts, they drop in price.

Sometimes,  sellers want a quick sale so list their home at under market prices, but with the excellent current value of the Turkish lira to the pound, foreign buyers are already getting a bargain, with mass potential for capital investment appreciation should they ever sell and convert back into their home currency.

The price range of Kalkan’s property market varies from £65,000 for a basic, one-bedroom apartment to over 3 million pounds for luxury 6-bedroom villas with private beach, Turkish bath, sauna, and an indoor swimming pool.

Districts of Kalkan: Location is Everything

Another deciding factor of price is location and neighbourhoods. Price per square meter drops the further away from the coastline a home is. Hence some of the best value houses are in the Kiziltas neighbourhood on the other side of the Antalya / Fethiye highway. The area makes up for the lack of a seaside location with stunning views across the bay and out into the Mediterranean Sea.

On the eastern side of the bay, Komourluk and Kisla, two neighbouring districts have a more prestigious status than others, and properties for sale here are in the six-figure region. Read more about the neighbourhoods here.

Reasons to Invest in Kalkan’s Real Estate Market

While other areas in Turkey undergo a mass transformation and are hardly recognisable when compared to ten years ago, the ambience of Kalkan can’t and won’t change. The suburban outlook is here to stay, thanks to strict building laws and the region will look just the same in ten years as it does now.

Many investors looking for buy-to-let incomes buy property in Kalkan, just because the rental yield is higher than most other places in the Mediterranean. With a market in full flow, buyers have a vast choice of homes for sale, and the best part is that all have unique architecture tailoring to a comfortable lifestyle.

For more information about house hunting in Turkey, get in touch with us today. Whether you want to arrange a viewing trip or speak to a sales representative about buying Turkish homes, we answer questions and give advice.

Also see our vast portfolio of property for sale in Kalkan. To receive via email, extra photos and details about a home, just fill in the enquiry form on each listing, and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

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