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Known as Smyrna in history, Turks have recognised Izmir for decades, because it is a leader in modern trends. Its cosmopolitan atmosphere attracts many nationalities of foreigners, and it also has a place in the heart of Turkish retirees.

The huge choice of neighbourhoods and areas within Izmir may overwhelm property buyers, but this guide aims to help by looking at current trends of its real estate market, and why certain areas are emerging as the best place to buy a home.

Izmir, Turkey's third biggest city, is probably the nearest you can get to a city with a Western vibe. Many have likened it to Paris or Madrid for its cosmopolitan, liberal atmosphere and living here is becoming an increasingly serious life choice for both Turks and foreign investors.

Izmir Peninsula includes the main city centre and a splattering of scenic coastal resorts. It is the third largest metropolis in Turkey. The visitors to Izmir enjoy meeting the locals while touring the attractions and main sites.

Kusadasi is one of the most popular resort towns on the Turkish Aegean coast. There are many attractions in this lovely Aegean coastal town, nearby historical sites, Aegean island tours and many more.

Did you know this? Another magic of Turkey. The tiny house, a significant place for both Christians and Muslims alike, is believed to be the last known place that Mary, mother of Jesus, resided in her final years.

Ancient Ephesus City, is one of Turkey's top tourist attractions, drawing in the crowds daily with its historical timeline that beguiles and amazes travellers from all over the world.

Sirince, a highly popular tour excursion on the western coast of Turkey, is not only easy on the eye, but also on the palate. The village, sitting high in the mountains over the ancient ruins of Ephesus city with many stunning attributes.

The ancient town of Selcuk home to one of seven wonders of the world. Temple of Artemis stands alone in Selcuk with the Byzantine Church of St John, the Isa Bey Mosque and the Grand Fortress.

Aegean region, Turkey's west coastline is home to two ancient cities and oracle temple, favourite historic sites of Ephesus and the crowd-pleaser of Bodrum's Castle of St Peter. It's truly a mind blowing historical experience.

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