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BLOG Why Buying Property in Kalkan is a Smart Move

18 November 2017 / Properties

Kalkan, the smart place to invest

The small resort of Kalkan on the sunny Mediterranean coast of Turkey is often overshadowed by other well-known destinations in the country. Yet anyone that knows it well will testify that despite its low-key reputation, it has much to offer foreign property buyers. Indeed, a variety of nationalities have bought homes there and some have also moved to the area and become full-time expats of Turkey.

History of Kalkan

As a small but important sea trading port during the 19th century, it was initially home to both Greeks and Turks who lived side by side. Kalamaki was its original name, a reflection of its Greek heritage and by the time, the 20th century come about, life was indeed profitable and pleasant.

Yet the looming Turkish War of Independence and the ensuing Treaty of Lausanne changed the face and backbone of Kalkan forever. Greeks living in Kalkan had to return to their country of origin and likewise for Turks living in Greek territory. Sea trading was no longer the favoured method of travel since newly built roads made the journey more safe and quick. Kalkan’s population dwindled, and the village came to a virtual stop.

Light was on the horizon though because by the 1960s, sailing for pleasure was the new trend, and international yacht owners took to exploring the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts of Turkey. The Turkish Riviera was born, and locals of Kalkan cashed in with their ability and knowledge of the coastline and seas.

These days, Kalkan is still an important hub of the Turkish Riviera. It also attracts holidaymakers and has garnered a reputation as a professional, upmarket destination. If you are looking at Kalkan, as a potential area for buying property in Turkey, there are many reasons why you would be making the right choice.


Four Advantages of Buying Property in Kalkan

Kalkan has four distinct advantages when it comes to buying property. Firstly, the architectural landscape is unlikely to change much in the future because surrounding land is either green belt or subject to stringent building regulation. While property buyers in other places have seen their small, coastal villages turn into bustling towns, Kalkan has kept its close community feel.

Secondly, anyone looking for a buy-to-let income in Turkey, would do well to consider Kalkan. Apartment and villas rental prices are higher because of its upmarket status, so the return on investment is more substantial than other well-known coastal holiday resorts.

Thirdly, the geographical, hilly landscape means most properties have a fantastic, panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea. In some cases, the architecture of luxury villas for sale in Kalkan is specially designed around this landscape, so views are maximised with front facing windows, from ceiling to floor.

Lastly, Kalkan's upmarket status leads construction companies to employ the best architects in Turkey to design homes that are not only modern, and practical but also beautiful showcase pieces of what luxury Mediterranean living looks like.

Doors of properties open to reveal a variety of architectural styles include modern, traditional and contemporary as well as leisure facilities such as infinity pools, smart technology and in the millionaire properties, even Turkish baths, saunas, home cinemas and gyms.


Plenty of Choice for Buyers on a Budget

Much of Kalkan’s real estate portfolio focuses on high-end luxury villas, sometimes with a price tag of a million pounds or more. Yet the choice of Kalkan sea view apartments offer surprising excellent value per square meterage attract buyers on a budget.

Although you are downgrading on size, they still have the fantastic sea view from balconies and occasionally rooftop terraces, a favourite choice of apartment buyers because they are perfect for al fresco dining on cool summer evenings.

Alternatively, some buyers also head away from the town centre to the outskirts of Kalkan for lower priced property. Kalamar Bay is a small area within walking distance of the central town. Highly favoured for its water sports and snorkelling, its slightly out of centre location means these seafront villas for sale in Kalkan, are often half the price of homes in the town.

For more information about the real estate market of Kalkan, or the amenities and facilities of the region, contact any of our team using the emails address or telephone numbers here. Kalkan is also close to the Fethiye region where one of our main branches is. We are open every day so drop in to find out more about who we are and how we can help you find your dream home in Kalkan.




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