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Mount Ararat: The Roof of Turkey and Noah’s Ark

Although travel guidebooks rarely mention it, the dormant volcano of Mount Ararat (Agri Dagi) in the eastern region of Turkey is one of the world’s most respected terrains, both historically[...]

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Turkey’s Mission to Reclaim Its Lost Historical Treasures

September the 13th was just an ordinary day for many people in Turkey, but for members of the history world, it was a cause for celebration. The 3rd century Roman sarcophagus of Hercules arrived back[...]

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Expat Life in Turkey and What to Expect

When contemplating idyllic lifestyles, expats living in Turkey have won many fans. From the standard of living to the rich culture and popular cities, Turkey is now where digital nomads and retired[...]

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Splash Around in the Mud Baths of Turkey

Roughly ten years ago, spa and beauty industries around the world, touted mud treatments as the newest trend to combat ageing and aid healthy living. Yet, while we can commend their enthusiasm for[...]

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The Blue Mosque of Istanbul

The handsome Blue mosque of Istanbul, also known as the Sultan Ahmet Camii, is one of the finest buildings in Turkey, and the world. The religious place of worship is an iconic landmark of old[...]

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The Grand Bazaar of Istanbul: Standing the Test of Time

In its efforts to modernise itself, the face of Istanbul is forever changing. Towering skyscrapers now dot the landscape, and districts like Levant enjoy esteemed reputations as international[...]

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Interesting Facts about Turkey That You May Not Know

The country of Turkey has many interesting facts to keep everyone intrigued for years. Its historical timeline would make up a full library of storybooks because of the many empires that have ruled[...]

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A Guide to Visiting a Turkish Home

It is a true honour to be invited into a Turkish home. The Turks love to entertain and while the locals are more than adept at inviting themselves into another’s house, for foreigners, it is[...]

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Best Turkish Bath in Istanbul

Nothing on earth can match the rejuvenating and relaxing benefits of a traditional Turkish bath in Istanbul, although marble steam rooms where this time-honoured tradition happens, exist across[...]

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Then and Now: The Turkish & Russian Connection

As the bird flies, the distance between Russia and Turkey is relatively short. You can reach either country from the other within a day’s drive by following the average 400-kilometre route[...]

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