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Then and Now: The Turkish & Russian Connection

As the bird flies, the distance between Russia and Turkey is relatively short. You can reach either country from the other within a day’s drive by following the average 400-kilometre route[...]

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The City of Konya: Rumi and the Whirling Dervishes

The province of Konya is the largest by area in Turkey, with no less than 31 districts. The provincial capital is the city of Konya, considered to be the birthplace of Islamic mysticism. The city has[...]

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The Beauty of Saklikent Gorge in Fethiye

The country of Turkey has many scenic landscapes from the East to the West coast that deservedly capture attention from major travel publications around the world. The masses of open land and diverse[...]

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Underground Basilica Cistern of Old Istanbul

A famous age-old proverb says “out of sight, out of mind” but this certainly does not apply to the famous Basilica Cistern of Istanbul, Turkey. At the bottom of a stone flight of stairs[...]

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Five Reasons why you Should Visit Dalyan

Dalyan is a beautiful little town located just a few kilometres from the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Both the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts have long been visited by millions of tourists from[...]

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The Republic Day of Turkey

Republic Day is one of the most fondly celebrated and historically significant public holidays in Turkey; a day which commemorates the proclamation of the Republic of Turkey in 1923. In fact, Turkey[...]

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The Glorious Hagia Sophia of Istanbul

The great Hagia Sophia standing in the heart of the old city part of Istanbul is one of Turkey’s most celebrated landmarks. As one of the country’s top visited tourist attractions,[...]

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Hattusa: A Forgotten City of Turkey

Naturally, being a large land size of more than 783,000 kilometers, Turkey has plenty of cities scattered from the east to the west. As well as the modern metropolis like Ankara or the central[...]

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Mad Ottoman Sultans Who Made History for the Wrong Reasons

Without a doubt, the mighty Ottoman Empire changed the course of history for the world. Founded in 1299, their 1453 conquering of Constantinople cemented their position on the international scene of[...]

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Ankara - The Capital City of Turkey

A Turkish subject that has been at the centre of confusion across the world for decades is the location of the historic country’s capital city. An incredible amount of people still to this day[...]

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