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BLOG Fethiye Marina and Sailing the Turkish Riviera

16 May 2023 / Lifestyle

All About Fethiye and Fethiye Marina

Nestled along the stunning coastline of southwestern Turkey, Fethiye is a sailing hotspot. This is an added bonus for anyone looking at property. This picturesque harbour town on the magnificent Turkish Riviera boasts azure waters, idyllic beaches, and a rich cultural history. So, the prime position on the southern Mediterranean coast of Turkey, twinned with the perfect weather climate, makes Fethiye one of the world's best sailing destinations.

Don't underestimate the skill and excellence either. Generations of Fethiye Turks have handed down their knowledge and experience through the ages. Indeed, when sailing from Fethiye, the experience is nothing short of brilliance.

                                               Sailing the Coastline from Fethiye

Ece Saray Marina and Resort in Fethiye

Ece Saray marina sits on Fevzi Çakmak Cd in the Karagözler neighbourhood. The marina is easy to find since it is well-posted, and any local in the resort can point the way. Once you arrive, expect nothing but the best. Ece Saray Marina is an entry-exit port offering standard port and berthing services, and customs procedures can be arranged here.

For yacht owners, they also provide environmental services and everything you need to make your visit a smooth one. They can accommodate up to 460 boats up to 60 meters in length. They also have an onsite hotel, spa, and wellness centre to add the finishing touches of luxury. Aside from that, there are two restaurants to deliver the best fine dining. The Tarminda restaurant also has a bar.

Fethiye Marina Views

About Fethiye Harbour

Fethiye Harbour is different from the marina in many ways. While Fethiye Marina caters for international and luxury vessels, the harbour is more for domestic and day trip vessels. Indeed, if you want to jump on board a group boat trip for the day, head to Fethiye Harbour instead. While luxury overnight vessels often dock at the marina, Fethiye Harbour is about nostalgia. This is where to spot signs of old traditions, from fishing men to wooden gulet boats. As soon as you wander from Fethiye Harbour to the marina, you will spot the difference in ambience.

Fethiye on the Turkish Riviera

The Turkish Riviera, known as the Turquoise Coast, stretches from the Northern Aegean to the south, and Fethiye features heavily. This stunning region features crystal-clear waters, and many coastal towns, making it ideal for yacht travellers seeking sun, sea, and sand.

Fethiye Marina and Harbour are at the heart of this enchanting region, offering visitors chances to experience the best Turkish Riviera routes. The Riviera epitomises the Mediterranean beauty with dramatic mountain backdrops, sparkling blue sea, and lush pine forests.

As you explore the Turkish Riviera, you'll be captivated by diverse natural landscapes, from the majestic Butterfly Valley to serene Oludeniz. In addition, the region features numerous archaeological sites, providing fascinating glimpses into Turkey's rich and varied history. Either take a day cruise of the Riviera from Fethiye or sign up for overnight and weekly cruises.

Stunning Coast of Fethiye

Best Time to Sail from Fethiye

Generally, the most popular time for sailing is during summer when the weather is warm and sunny, and the sea is perfect for water sports. However, the summer months are busy with an influx of tourists. Traditionally, the boating and yachting seasons run from May to October, with the end and beginning being less active. Winter in Fethiye Marina is mild, with temperatures rarely dipping below 10°C (50°F). However, the leisure cruise boats don't go out. Instead, they dock in boatyards for repairs and maintenance.

Places to sail to from Fethiye Marina or Harbour

For experienced sailors and novice wannabes, there's no shortage of sailing experiences in Fethiye. First, choose from various yacht charter options, including skippered, crewed, or bareboat, depending on your skill level and preferences. Then, as you sail along the Turquoise Coast, you'll be treated to breathtaking Mediterranean scenery.

Oludeniz Beach and Blue Lagoon: Just a short drive from Fethiye Marina, you'll find Oludeniz Beach. This crescent-shaped stretch of sand offers turquoise waters and sits near the Blue Lagoon, one of Turkey's most photographed beaches.

Butterfly Valley: Butterfly Valley, a scenic gorge near Fethiye, is named after numerous species of butterflies, particularly the Jersey Tiger butterfly. The valley is only accessible by boat or a steep hiking trail from the main road. In addition to butterflies, Butterfly Valley is home to much flora and fauna, including rare bird species and the endangered Mediterranean monk seal. Butterfly Valley is protected, and camping is only allowed in designated areas.

Sovalye Island: Sovalye Island is known as Knight Island because it is said to have been a stronghold of the Knights of Rhodes during the Ottoman Empire. Sovalye Island is ideal for escaping crowds and enjoying quiet and relaxing vacations. No cars are on Sovalye Island, so get about on foot or by bike. Explore narrow streets, admire traditional stone houses, and enjoy the stunning Mediterranean Sea views. To reach Sovalye Island, take a short boat trip from Fethiye Harbour.

Gemiler Island: Gemiler Island, known as St. Nicholas Island, is known for ancient ruins and stunning views. The island was once an important religious centre and pilgrimage site during the Byzantine Empire. Today, explore the remains of several Byzantine churches and chapels. After, swim in crystal-clear waters, and enjoy snorkelling and kayaking. The island is accessible by boat from Fethiye, and several companies sell day trips.

Fethiye harbour Turkey

Fethiye to Antalya Blue Voyage route

The Fethiye to Antalya Blue Voyage route covers approximately 200 nautical miles and takes travellers through beautiful and historic destinations along the coast. The course typically starts in Fethiye, where travellers explore the old town, the marina, and nearby Butterfly Valley and Sovalye Island.

From Fethiye, the first stop is usually picturesque Kas, with ancient ruins, charming streets, and beautiful beaches. From Kas, the route heads eastward along the coast to historic Demre, where travellers visit the ancient Lycian city of Myra, the St. Nicholas Church, and impressive rock tombs.

The next stop is bustling Kemer, which offers restaurants, shops, and nightlife options. From Kemer, the route continues eastward to Olympos and Cirali, known for their pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and stunning natural scenery. Antalya's final stop includes the historic Kaleici district, the Antalya Museum, and Duden Waterfalls. The route can be completed in 4-10 days.

Why buy Sailing property in Fethiye

Scenic beauty: With stunning sunrises and sunsets, tranquil waters, and natural surroundings, calming effects are therapeutic and relaxing.

Recreational opportunities: With many options for recreational activities such as boating, swimming, and fishing, stay active and healthy.

Privacy: Waterfront properties often offer more privacy than traditional properties. This provides peace and tranquillity away from city life.

Investment potential: Waterfront properties offer excellent investment potential, as they appreciate value over time. In addition, they are often in high demand, leading to solid rental markets if you choose to rent out your property.

Lifestyle: Living on the waterfront offers a unique lifestyle. Community and camaraderie draw those seeking more relaxed and social ways of life.

Health benefits: Living near the water has been linked to health benefits, including reduced stress, improved mental health, and better sleep. The calming effect promotes relaxation and a sense of well-being.

Overall, waterfront property offers unique and rewarding lifestyles with many benefits. However, consider all factors involved, like location, cost, and upkeep, before buying.

Fethiye Town Turkey

Advice on Buying Waterfront Property in Fethiye

Location: The location is essential. Look near marinas, yacht clubs, and other sailing facilities. Consider the climate and weather patterns, as these affect sailing conditions.

Size and Type: Consider the size and type of property for your needs. Consider the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and other amenities to accommodate your family and guests. Use a management company if you plan to use the property as a vacation home.

Easy Access: Look for easy access to the water, either through private docks or nearby marinas. Check the water depth and availability of electricity, water, and sewage hookups.

Boating facilities: Consider boating facilities. Look for properties close to yacht clubs, marinas, and other facilities like boat storage, maintenance, and repair.

Insurance: Consider insurance costs for the boat and property and liability issues arising from ownership.

Budget: Consider your budget, extra purchasing and running and maintenance costs. Be sure to factor in maintenance and any association fees or taxes.

More About Fethiye

If you want a new property in Turkey, see our Fethiye portfolio. With a wide range of marina properties, including villas and apartments, we're confident that we have something to suit your needs. In addition, our marina portfolio features properties in some of the most desirable locations, and we have a team of experienced agents dedicated to helping you find the perfect marina property.

Region Guide:  Anyone who has been to Fethiye in Turkey will testify to how easy it is to fall in love with it. From the old town's narrow cobbled streets to backing Taurus Mountain views, something surprises and delights simultaneously at every turn. Much of Fethiye's ability to gain admiration stems from its diversity. Accommodating both budget and luxury house buyers, a wealth of activities means every day is a Turkish adventure into a Mediterranean hotspot.

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