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BLOG Off-the-grid Living at Butterfly Valley in Turkey

20 September 2023 / Travel

Stunning Butterfly Valley of Fethiye

Butterfly Valley in Turkey, also called Kelebekler Vadisi, is a hidden corner of the southwest coast to put on your bucket list. Flanked by steep cliffs and fronted by amazing blue waters, adventurous travellers will love it. At the same time, locals who live in the region use it for a day out to get back in touch with nature.

During peak season, while daytime boat trips dock in, it can get crowded; however, arrive at other times via water taxi from Oludeniz beach, and you will find a hidden oasis. This nature reserve shuns mass tourism instead of favouring the valley floor as somewhere to camp, explore, meet like-minded people and enjoy the great outdoors. Indeed, Butterfly Valley in the middle of two dramatic cliffs perfectly enhances any dream trip to Mediterranean Turkey, so read on for more reasons to visit.

                                        About Butterfly Valley in Turkey

Butterfly in Turkey

Where is Butterfly Valley?

Butterfly Valley sits at the foot of Babadag mountain in southwest Turkey. The valley officially belongs to the Fethiye region, part of Turkey's larger Mugla province. This is Turkey's most famous yachting and beach tourism destination, otherwise called the Mediterranean or Turquoise Coast. This perfect environment showcases Turkey's coastal life.

How Do I Get to Butterfly Valley?

To visit, we always use the boat taxi from Oludeniz, which leaves in the morning and returns in the afternoon. This perfect photo opportunity amazes everyone as you come around the corner and spot the Butterfly Valley among tall cliffs. Alternatively, there are boat day trips that drop anchor in the bay. Still, they offer limited time, maybe just an hour, because they also visit other places.

These boat trips are commonly called 12 island tours, and sometimes, they get a bad reputation because some say they bring disrespectful tourists. To escape tourist crowds, hire your own boat and head to other regional delights like Gemiler Island after visiting Butterfly Valley. Otherwise, a road and hiking trail between Oludeniz and Faralya flanks around the canyon. Still, the steep trail down is not easy.

Is Butterfly Valley Worth It?

Without a doubt, Butterfly Valley is worth visiting. To reach the area, boat rides around the coastline give off incredible views of towering hills and sandy beaches. You don't have to travel overnight to appreciate this stunning corner of natural protection and can visit just for the day. Remember that mainstream boat trips arrive during peak season, so time your visit well if you want peace and quiet.

Why is Butterfly Valley So Famous?

Well, many say the canyon is famous for the species of butterflies which inhabit the region and breed there in certain months. But the truth is, butterflies don't always appear. We think Kelebekler Vadisi attracts so much fame because of pure beauty. To come from an urban landscape to visit Butterfly Valley is to step into another world.


Flora and Fauna and Protected Status

So, if you see butterflies, it is worth knowing about them. The marvellous sight of clouds of butterflies reveals the most common, the Jersey tiger. This sanctuary for butterflies is where they all flock to breed from June to September, the breeding time. Overall, there are 105 species. In addition to colonies of butterflies, discover many flowers and insects.

Because of the flora and fauna, the Turkish government said construction is banned. No one can build. Not even hotels; hence, tourists who want to sleep under the stars must camp.

Camping, Food and Drink at Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley campground sits between the two cliffs at the front. Organisers have laid out the valley floor so you can pitch your tent, and glamping tents are available. However, these are not five-star accommodation options, as everything is temporary structures. You will have shared washing facilities, and running water and internet connections can sometimes be haphazard. Check with Butterfly Valley management because sometimes they lay on extra activities like yoga or kayaking. There is also a kitchen and bar to get family Turkish meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and picnic tables.

Other Things to Do

Although many websites advertise a white sand beach, it is more pebbles and not wide. Nonetheless, Butterfly Valley Beach is sufficient for sunbathing. However, this slice of hippie paradise does earn fame for the water quality and snorkelling in crystal blue waters. The Butterfly Valley management also set up scuba diving from time to time. 

The valley in Turkish is Vadisi, and at the back are two small waterfalls sitting between the rock walls, making for exciting walks in this nature preserve. Otherwise, Butterfly Valley in Turkey is all about relaxing and getting back in touch with nature.

More About the Fethiye Region

Amyntas Tomb: Although there is much to see and do in the city, Amyntas Rock Tomb in Fethiye stands in a league of its own. The rock tomb of Amyntas, dating from the Lycian period when Fethiye was called Telmessos, is a remarkable archaeological landmark full of rich history.

From Oludeniz to Babadag Mountain: Babadag Mountain in southwestern Turkey offers unparalleled experiences for adventure-seekers and nature enthusiasts. It is a must-visit for anyone travelling to Turkey's Fethiye and Oludeniz regions. With an ancient history, diverse flora, and world-class paragliding opportunities, Babadag lures everyone.

Fethiye Old Town: Fethiye Old Town is perhaps one of the most underrated quality destinations on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Fethiye, a famous city in southwest Turkey, is popular with tourists seeking beautiful beaches. Yet, an often-overlooked gem within Fethiye is Paspatur, the city's Old Town that only takes a few hours to explore.

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