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BLOG Discovering Fethiye and Paspatur Old Town

12 May 2023 / Travel

Discovering Fethiye and Paspatur

Fethiye old town is perhaps one of the most underrated quality destinations on the med coast of Turkey. Fethiye, a famous city in southwest Turkey, is popular with tourists seeking beautiful beaches. Yet, an often-overlooked gem within Fethiye is Paspatur, the city's Old Town that only takes a few hours to explore.

Forget about the new town. That is the place to find modern shops and embrace current trends. But Paspatur offers nostalgia and glimpses into Fethiye's fascinating history. With narrow streets, bars, lunch venues, and souvenir vendors, Paspatur should be on the list of places for anyone visiting Fethiye. Paspatur's location is just a few minutes walk from the Fethiye harbour. Once you walk around the maze of streets, you will understand the attraction.

                                                   The Old Town Area of Paspatur

What is the Hype About?

Most cities in Turkey have an old part district. The old parts reflect the humble roots and beginning of the city. A great example is Kaleici in Antalya. Well, Paspatur is Fethiye's equivalent. While wandering around, don't just look at the shops and restaurants. Also, notice the buildings. Some were dwellings in which people lived. Nowadays, they are shops and restaurants, but every building has a story to tell.


Best Time to Visit Paspatur Old Town

Fethiye is busiest during the summer months of July and August, when the city transforms into a lively resort destination. Hence the crowds get bigger, but if you don't mind the mid-day sun, the buzz of the old town is addictive. However, if you prefer less sun, consider visiting during the spring or autumn, when the weather is milder, and tourist numbers are lower.

Accessibility and Getting Around

While Paspatur Old Town is primarily pedestrian-friendly, the narrow streets pose challenges for wheelchairs and strollers. Suppose you require assistance or have mobility concerns. In that case, it's a good idea to plan your visit accordingly and seek out accessible routes through the Old Town. The area is between Ataturk Caddesi (the main road along the harbour) and Carsi Caddesi, making it easily accessible from the marina and the minibus station.

Tips for Visiting Paspatur Old Town

Wear comfortable shoes, as you'll likely walk quite a bit while exploring the Old Town's narrow streets and cobbled pathways. Don't be afraid to haggle in Paspatur's markets and boutiques – bargaining is common in Turkey. As a result, you may secure better prices on your purchases. Also, keep an eye on your belongings while exploring Paspatur, as pickpocketing can be a concern in crowded areas.

Notable Places in Paspatur Old Town

Paspatur is an excellent place for shopping, from traditional Turkish souvenirs to unique clothing and accessories. Saman Bohemian clothes market offers an array of Bohemian-inspired clothing, jewellery, and accessories. Azul jewellery store sells bracelets, necklaces, and anklets. Other than that, the fun is browsing the various products sold, many of which also make great souvenirs to take home. For delicious food, Mozaik Bahce's charming restaurant features beautiful garden settings and serves mixed Turkish and Mediterranean dishes. This restaurant is one of the most popular, with raving reviews.

Nearby Fish Markets and Restaurants

One of our favourite routines is to wander around Paspatur in the afternoon and then head to Fethiye Fish Market, a short distance from the centre of Paspatur. We time our visit just in time for an evening meal. Here you will find fish dealers and vendors selling their catches of the day. Just buy whatever takes your fancy and head to any nearby restaurants that will prepare the fish to your liking and serve it with salads and mazes.

Nearby Points of Interest

Fethiye Museum is a 4-minute walk from Fethiye's old town centre. Visitors can learn about the city's history and view artefacts from various periods. With exhibits on ancient Lycian culture and the region's rich archaeological heritage, the Museum is an exciting place. One of Paspatur's most striking features is the Old Mosque built in 1791, and the oldest building in Paspatur.

Watch fishermen at work or join a cruise around the Bay on a traditional gullet boat. Gulet cruises are a popular way to explore, offering the opportunity to visit secluded beaches, swim in crystal-clear waters, and enjoy stunning coastline views. Aside from that, many daytime boat trips are sold from the harbour district.

Overall, Fethiye Old Town is a charming and captivating destination in Turkey that offers visitors glimpses into the city's rich history and culture. Also, you don't have to join a guided tour because going independently is the perfect way to explore this hidden gem and create lasting memories in the heart of Turkey.

Wander Beyond Paspatur

Fethiye Rock Tombs: A short hike from Fethiye Old Town will take you to the Lycian rock tombs, a series of ancient Lycian tombs carved into the cliffs above the city. These impressive tombs offer stunning views of Fethiye City. It is a bit of an uphill climb but well worth it.


Calis Beach: A short bus or water taxi ride from Paspatur will take you to Calis Beach. Here, you can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, and water sports under the sun. The best way to reach Calis from the Fethiye town centre is the water taxi that sails across the bay, enjoying panoramic views of the Fethiye area and its stunning mountain range. The final part of the journey along the narrow reed-lined canal is where you often see birds before it reaches its destination near the beach in Calis.

Oludeniz Beach and Blue Lagoon: Another popular destination is Oludeniz, famous for its pristine beaches and the stunning Blue Lagoon. This area offers many activities, including paragliding, boat tours, and hiking trails. Oludeniz has a long beachfront promenade lined with some excellent restaurants, all offering front-row seats for stunning sunsets.


Butterfly Valley: Butterfly Valley, a lush gorge filled with wildlife, is only accessible by boat and offers unique opportunities to experience natural beauty. With crystal-clear waters, diverse flora and fauna, Butterfly Valley is a must-visit destination worldwide.

Fethi Bey Park: Fethi Bey Parkı is a small park with a playground for children, walking paths, benches, and a monument dedicated to Fethi Bey. The park is surrounded by cafes and shops, making it popular with locals and tourists to relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

Fethiye Market Day: Tuesday is when a massive market stretches along the canal-front site north of the Old Town. This bustling Turkish market offers various goods, from fresh produce to traditional handicrafts.


Also About Fethiye

About Seydikemer in Fethiye: Although the area remains off the beaten track, Seydikemer is attracting interest in the real estate market. Foreigners buying homes for summer holidays or permanent living are looking in that direction, as are Turks who want a Mediterranean holiday home or to retire somewhere peaceful.

Lycian History in Fethiye: Fethiye is the perfect stereotype of a romantic beachfront resort. However, those who know Fethiye well will also learn about the Lycian history. Of course, traces of Ottoman history can be found, but ideally, for that era, visit Istanbul. Instead, Fethiye's ancient civilization and forward thinkers were the Lycians. Exploring Fethiye and the rest of Mediterranean Turkey opens up their world.

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